Monday, December 22, 2008

My Albino Toy Mowsie Story, By Rosie

This is a storie of a cat (me, Rosie) and my new friend, ALBINO TOY MOWSIE.


One evening we fownd all of our toys put away in our toy box. As if that weren’t enuff would yoo believe the lady ran the LOWD sucker upper thingy and sucked up all of the extra fuds we strategically placed around our fud bowl. And then she put paint on her face, wore a nice owtfit (that we could culdn’t sit on beforehand to hair it up) and left us with NOTHING TO DO!


Just as we wure abowt to show owr dismay by peeing on her bed and throwing up owr fuds again I noticed sitting in her bag the kulest thing in the werld—the ULTIMATE ALBINO TOY MOWSIE!!!!! Now this was no ordinarie (go to the pet store and buy it) mowsie. This mowsie was an albino mowsie from head to toe half wrapped up especially for me! She had been hiding the ALBINO TOY MOWSIE in her work bag for months and now it was ALL MINE! I played and played and played with the ALBINO TOY MOWSIE and made sure it was mine by getting my goobers ALL over it.


Later that nite my lady came home with….a guy. Cheeto likes guy peepuls so he greeted him with lots of headbutts as soon as he sniffed him out. Once the guy sat down and my lady went to get some whine for the two of them I made my move and introduced myself and my ALBINO TOY MOWSIE. My lady must have put on clown make-up when she was getting the whine cause her cheeks were so red when she returned and found the three of us: the guy, me, and the ALBINO TOY MOWSIE hanging owt together.


The ALBINO TOY MOWSIE doesn’t come around that often to play. But EVARY ONCE in a while I’ll find him hanging owt in hur bag or hiding in the peepuls litter box room. I hope someday you’re luckie enuff to find yer own ALBINO TOY MOWSIE cause they are the Best!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We've Been Tweeting!

It seems that our lady has been helping us tweet and not helping us blog!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whose Chair is it?

Yer name is soooo not on this chair.

You'll have to stand until we are finished relaxing!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cheeto Bares All!!

Some of yoo may remembur when I became faymoos from my appearance on Karen Jo's Kitty Limerick site. Well, I had to go into hiding cause Rosie...errr, my bodyguard...was not cooperating and fans were swarming like wild kitties on a can of toona jyoose.

Now that I've mooved to Shytown I've desided to come out of hiding and show my Handsum MANCATness to the werld again. So, aftur careful considurashun I desided to go for it and BARE ALL fur Sparkle's Upside-Down Kitty site!

Ain't that a hunk of a site for y'all to admire!?!?! Pleeze don't hold back with your comments. I know I'm a H-O-T Mancat Spesamin!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SKEEZY SHOOES -- The Kulest Akksessorie Evur!

Can yoo see how eggsited I am to have the kulest, kyootest, awesomist shooes ever!?!

And to make it dubblie kul, gramma came oveur to cellabrate the fabyoouluslie wondful arrivul of owr furst evur pare of shooes. If yoo biggify the picktur yoo will see that she brawt her friend Mr. Otter ovur to join in owr joyous cellebrashun! I am so PROUD to be piktured with these amazing werks of
SKEEZY shoo art!

Here I am giving
SKEEZIX a big THANK YOO headbutt fur giving us owr furst EVER pare of shooes which are the kulest shooes in the whole wide werld!!!!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Biggest Berd I've Evur Seen! -Rosie

Thare was obviously a big event going on at Wiggley Field. The lites were on and I thawt I heard the Bares-in-Trayning roaring. I took a piktur to captshur the momunt and that's when I saw it...luk at the top left. Oh My Cat, do yoo see it too?!?!

It's the biggest berd I've ever seen. As yoo can see I am shocked by the massive size of this squillion-pownd monster berd.

It must be an exotik myootayshun cause it's belly feathurs are flashy. Here's a close-up.

Note: At the time of this powst I was not attaked by the exotik, squillion-pownd monstur berd...

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Delivury Frum The Man In Bloo Shorts!

Luk what we got from the man in bloo shorts. A gud smelling pakage addressed to us from one of owr best friends, Skeezix!

Cheeto: Here I am whispering thank you to Skeezix who pursonallie stopped by in his leathur jacket (he was kinda quiet, but that’s ok)

Cheeto: I had a blast with the primo nip…maybe too much fun!?!

Rosie: On behaf of Cheeto (who is inkoherrant rite now) owr lady and me, THANK YOO Skeezix!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Confession From Cheeto - I'm A Baker!

Do Yoo Want a Biskit cause I was up ALL nite making biskits on my lady?

I’ve been vary dedicated to my new baking hobby. Twice my lady pushed me off her in the middul of the nite but I showed my dedikashun by wayting fur hur to go back to sleep and continuing to make more biskits!

So, do ya want some of my homemade biskits!?!?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over the Rivur and Throo the woods

It was a wild rode trip to visit gramma and grampa fur a cupple of days. We didn't get to drive, but we did get to be in charge of the flashy thing,. Here's what we saw...

Yoo can tell it’s fall cause the fall colur of oranje was evaryware!

Here’s whare the bares eat peepul and tendur yoong jyoosy cats like us. It’s called soldjeer feeld.

And this is whare the bares stay when they are not eating peepul and tendur yoong jyoosy cats.

Don’t wurry, we made sure to keep owt of site so thay didn’t get us. It was skarry.

When we knew it was safe to reappear rosie got up hi to take pickturs.

She saw the biggest, cat playgrownd EVER!

I reely wanted to stop at this exit cause we passed the yoo-kay whare myRootbeer float hubby Eric lives.

Cheeto wanted to get hi when he saw this kul gang.

Thay wure vary loud.

We wanted to stop at Paw Paw to get owr paws mannekurred, but owr lady said no.

Finallie we made it home to see gramma and grampa. We wure so eggsited that we furgot to take pickturs, so yoo just have to take owr wurd fur it when we say we wure vary eggsited!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gotta Rest Up...

Fur owr weekend RODE TRIP!


Sekret note between yoo and us-
We don't like rode trips and plan on whining the entire time. Don't tell owr lady or else she will leeve us behind.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Shoo's Come In Sizes?

Can yoo beleave it-we are one of the BIG winnurs of Skeezix's Snuzzy contest! We each get a Skeezix shoo of our vary own!! Oh My Cat!!

We wure watying fur them to arrive when our lady told us we need to tell Skeezix owr shoo size. Hmmm...We don't know how to meashure our feets.

Aftur some vary hard thinking I deturmined that my shoo size is 4 temptatshuns.

And I have desided I want to sit in my shoo while relaxing in my hammick so I lined up my treets and figured owt my shoo size is 27 1/2 temptayshuns.

We cant wayt to get owr 4 and 27 1/2 temptatshuns Skeezix shoo's. Thanks fur the awesume contest and the wondurful prizes yoo got fur all of the winnurs!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

What's the Problum?

Yoo got a problum with my camera powse, Lady?

It's not too risskay--I'm covuring myself, aren't I!?!?

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Post Frum A Shoo!?!

Yoo may think todays post was prepared by a shoo, but upon further inspekshun yoo will see that one of the shoos isn’t reely a shoo…

It’s ME, Rosie!!! Hahahaha.

I have two things to tell yoo..

Numbur 1—
Thare is an amazinglie grate reportur fur Snuzzy this week. He has been posting the most adorubul pickturs of anteaturs, baby polurbares and even kangarooos!! Check it owt here and make sure yoo leeve comments!

Numbur 2—
We have a new friend! Hur name is Alice and she luvs to reed the different catosphere blogs, pick hur favorites and make yoo FAYMOUS! So stop by here and introoduse yerself to Alice rite away!

Now that yoo are “in the kno” I’m going to get back to pretending I’m a shoo!! hahahaha

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How To Blend In - By Rosie

Most of the time its importunt to be the centur of evaryones yooneeverse, but sumtimes its kul just to blend in with the crowd.

To the peepul with bad vishun (or the baby kitties who are adapting to thare new eyeballs) this luks like a bunch of cans, but upon secund inspekshun yull see that one of theese cans is not like the othurs...

It's ME! Haha.
What's that? Yoo want anothur one? okay...
To the untrayned, inferrior eyeballs this luks like clothes in a box, but luk clowsly...

It's ME again! Haha.
Whats also kul is that this piktur shows off my 2 colured whiskurs (wite on my left and blak on my rite).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mancat Monday- How to Art

If yoo find yerself luking fur a hobby to brake up the sleep, eat and take stinkies rootine I suggest yoo learn how to art. Here is a grate masterpeese of mine that I’ve spent 2 years develuping.

Notice the flowing angul of the wite boxspring linur flooowing against the floor? Yes, that is MY mancat masterpeese. If yoo wuld like an autograf I am availabul during non-sleep, food and stinkie werk hour frum aproximutlie 2-3 a.m.

Do yoo like to art? If so, do yoo have a masturpeese too?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Visit Frum My Coliej Roomie - Cheeto

We thawt we had evarything undur control now that we regulatud the amownt of time owr lady spent with hur BF mr. Jahb, but noooo...
Sum nites she disappears and comes home with drawing of pots and stuff- Is she crazie? Why go sumware to draw a pot when thare are plentie of REEL pots here?
Othur nites she comes home smelling of grass and claims she was sawftballing-we don't have a clue what that culd be!?!

And get this-last weekund one of my furst evur roommates frum my colliej days visited. Can yoo beleeve she turned into a V-E-T! I hid at furst...cawse I smelled VET on hur...but aftur a wile I remembured she was kul so we started chillen together like the ol days!

I introdoozed rosie to my formur roomie and she sniffed away all the bad V-E-T smell starting with hur noze.

We wure all sad to see hur go, but happie to know she is saving wondurful kitties like us!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday's Top Ten- Dinner Time!

Guess what!?! Owr berdie finalie came owt of its egg! We have no idea how it lived in such a tiney space-maybe he lived in Manhattun before moving to the egg so he's used to small places.
Anyways, owr lady says we are not allowed to eat him. We are vary upset so we came up with ten gud reasuns why we shuld eat the green fee-vur monstur.

1 He luks like a yummy green chikhen
2 He makes lots if noise and disturbs owr naptime
3 His head fits purfektlie into owr mowths
4 Prowteen is gud fur owr furs

Owr lady eats stuff inside eggs so why can't we?
he's a fresh pickin frum owr egg gardun so he's organik
His vishus sharp beek mite hurt owr lady
Its survivul of the fittest and we are fitter than him
He has a wishbone so all owr wishes will come true
We grew it so its owrs to eat!

Can yoo think of any othur reasons that wuld support owr case!?!

His name is BT and he belongs to gramma and grampa. Owr lady says we can't eat him cause gramma and grampa luv him vary much. ::sigh::

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We’re Growing Berdies

We fownd this berdie egg and decided to grow owr own fresh, organik berdies. We are so eggsited cause thare are severul baby berdies popping up already and thayre wings are sprowting.
It’s vary hard not to eat play with them cause thay luk so yummy friendlie.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Thursday Evening Watur-Crawl

Today we are going on a watur-crawl to the various waturing-holes.
Waturing Hole #1: The Casual Fail-Safe The peepul prefur yoo utulize this because thay bought it spechulie fur yoo. Yoo shuld only use this when thay are not arownd to show that yoo are the decishun makur in the howse.

Waturing Hole #2: The Hole-In-The-Wall
Thare are 2 ways to enjoy this: frum the metul sprayer or frum the big wite bowl when it gathurs up. If yoo havent trayned yer peepul to turn this on here's a tip-get next to it and screem until thay come running.

Waturing Hole #3: The Swanky Joint
Tipikally off limits due to a vary heavy covur, this serves as owr favurite.
If yoo are able to drink do it quik cause when the peepul see yoo thay will clowse it down and tell yoo 'no'

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Skary Sunday- Litul Bares in Trayning

Shytown is known for its vishus attak cubs-aka littul bares in trayning. The place I am showing yoo here is called Wigglie feeld. This is whare the cubs purrfekt their attak skills. When the lites are on I know the vishus attak cubs are preparing to pownce.

To keep the vishus cubs away frum unsuspekting shyTown peepul and gurlcats (like my lady and rosie) I frequentlie get owt my meen-sharp-furoshus MANcat face.
Protekting innosent peepul and gurlcats is tuff, but I'm prowd to be the MANcat chowsen fur the job!