Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hosting Peepul Guest

Thares an art to being a gud peepul guest host. Yoo must be on top of yer game. Here are sum things yoo shuld keep in mind:
Furr Up Evarywhare
A peepul guest is attraktud to sitting on things with furrs, espeshullie when thay ware blak. Anticipate whare thay will sit and skratch yerself til thares plenty of furrs waiting fur thare arrivul.
Stinkie Time
1on1 time with yer peepul guest is importunt, so take a stinkie rite when thay arrive. Rest assured yer lady will run to cleen yer litturbox immediatlie giving yoo importunt peepul guest introdukshun time. Timing is vary importunt.
Peepul guest don't protekt themselves frum danjur. If yoo see a full whine glass next to them, knock it off the tabul in one cleen swoop! If yoo wait to take akshun, a cuppul of these glasses will come-&-go and then the peepul guest will clumsillie knock it ovur themselves. Then thay may get hurt which is vary danjerous.
Pursunal Space
To make the peepul guest confurtable yoo need to show them that yoo like the stuff thay have. Here I am showing my peepul guest that I like listening and sitting on gettars, egspeshullie thare gettars. I hope yoo praktise these importunt tips when hosting peepul guest fur yerselves.

Rosie Colored Glasses - A Dawgie Chorus

I like to watch happie things and that's why I love living next to a woofie park.
The dawgies have a gud friend named Fiyurtruk. Fiyurtruk is a big red moovabul mashene with flashie lites that blares loud siren music. When thare gud friend Fiyurtruk runs by all the dawgies sing along with the fancy siren music he blares. Its a beeeutiful impromptoo chorus between Fiyurtruk and the dawgies.
The dawgies are vary happie when Fiyurtruk visits.This makes me vary happy!
Luv, Rosie