Saturday, December 29, 2007

Owr Friends Names!

Hey Y, lets have a little fun with owr friends names!

Ok, . Lets do it.

Her politikul sistur is running fur prez in 08...


Heres a traveling chrissmas gurlcat...


And chek owt this hot hot gurlcat...
And owr frisky meezur buddy…

And she SCORED big on chrissmas…


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boxer Bud Leaves to Nail Corn

This in one of my gud friends, Boxer Bud. Boxer Bud and my lady must know all abowt nip cause thay went to a place called “hi” skool togethur. Don’t ask hur abowt it cause she just shakes hur head and says “no, Cheeto, that’s not correct”
Anyway, I luv Boxer Boy cause we spar togethur. I usuallie win because I have hyoomungus bulging mussles as yoo can see.

Here I am exekyooting a sneek attak. This is a vary intense MANcat move.

And here we are boxing soooo fast evun the flashie thing culdn’t capshur the akshun.

Boxer Bud is going to lurn how to nail corn at brad skool (maybe with Kismet’s lady?!?). He must read things backwards cause when yoo ask him whare he’s going he says brad skool at Corn-Nell, not Nailing-Corn at brad skool. I dont know why nailing corn wuld be gud to know, but perhaps Brad (Mr. Skool) can help him make yoose of this strange trade.

I’m going to miss yoo, Boxer Bud! I hope yoo lurn ALL abowt corn and how to nail it to things. Have fun at Nailing Corn at Brad Skool, or as yoo will probably say brad skool at Corn-Nail.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Fur My Europeein Dubble-Chokolate Truffle Eric

Clowse up of my gooooooaaaaaalllllllll

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankful Fur Turkie And Feeantsays

We are thankful fur the grate turkie fud we got to eat on Thursday. The turkie faktory must have made too much turkie cause tons of owr friends ate turkie on Thursday too.
We are also thankful fur feeantsays cause today owr lady told us owr allurjek unkle (hur brothur) got In-Gaged to his gurlfriend this weekend making hur his feeantsay.
In-Gaged meens that yoo aren't relaytud but reely like sumone and want to become relaytud so yoo ask them if thay want to be In-Gaged and be yer feeantsay. Sounds kinda kul and a vary nice thing to do, so...
Will ALL of owr innurnet friends get In-Gaged to us and become owr feeantsays?

Monday, November 19, 2007

ManCat Prowling

Aftur a gud nites rest undur the covurs, it's important to wake up ready to prowl...

Here is my deturmuned Mancat prowl luk. Pleeze be vary karful only to use this skary luk momunts befour yoo attak yer pray or else it mite skare vary small animuls and baby peepuls...

And here I am stawking my prowl prey (of corse, it's my sistur, Rosie, I am preparing to attak)

Thare is no picktur of me attaking Rosie because I am such a feerrochus fitur that my lady had to decide if she was going to take a picktur or save Rosie's life. She decided to spare Rosie, but she mite not be so luckie next time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mad yet aMused ManCat Monday

As yoo can see frum my eggspresshun, I am not happy with the lack of blogging owr lady is purrmitting us to do.

Rosie and I are between a catnip-rock and a hard cat-skratchur space with owr feelings

We're happie...
because owr lady has been vary busy cheeting on hur boyfrend, Mr. Werk, and inturviewing several diffuruent peepul to be the man-purson of the howse.
We're upset...
because the inturview process is eggstremelie intense. She always seems to be busy putting paint on hur face and using that lowd blowing thing on hur long head-fur at nite. Then, when she's done doing that silly stuff....she leeves fur the man-purson interview.

She's got a cupple man-peepul to chose frum. We hope she picks a cul man-purson soon!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wild Wednesday - Ode to Jake and Bathsheba!

Today we are giving a well desurved wild wednesday ode to two of owr bestest frends, Jake and Bathsheba. If yer here at owr blog than yoo defunatelie have time to stop by thares rite now!

Oh, it seems like yer still reeding. Well then we'll have to subjeckt yoo to subliminul messaging...







Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's Wrong With Relaxing?

Grampa saw this picktur and told my lady he needs to talk to me abowt sleeping appropriyatlie.

I dont undurstand what he's talking abowt. I was JUST relaxing!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Eye Fur An Eye-Helping Mr. Compyootur See

We did evarything we culd to cheer up mr. compyootur this week. We evun tried to act depressud...or dead...just like him, but it didn't werk.

Yesturday, an IT V-E-T came in to assess mr. compyootur's grave condishun. Turns owt he was depressed because he couldn’t see very gud. The IT V-E-T pursun gave him an intensive skreening check up and gave him new monitur glasses to see bettur! Mr. compyootur is brite and happie now and so are we cause we can visit owr innurnet frends again!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

It Luks Fine To Us...

Owr lady said a lot of sware werds yesturday. she got mad at mr. compyutur akkqusing it of getting into a crash.

It luke fine to us, no bumps or wires hanging owt anywhare. The only thing is that owr lady must have scared it a lot cause its no longur talking to anyone.

We reely reely hope it stops being skared and starts tawking again cause we miss heering what all of owr bestest friends are up too!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Monday MANCAT Dooties

When it's time to rest and relax thare is no reasun to reed stuff with lots of werds. The one eggseptshun is othur cat blogs. Thowse are allowed cause I'm the MANCAT and I say so.
As a yung MANCAT in trayning I inforsed these MANCAT roolz.

If yoo have a complaynt abowt any of my MANCAT roolz please put them in the complaynt box lowkated at the bottum of my MANCAT littur.
Thank yoo,


Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Smelly Romantik Blakmale Poem -By Rosie

My Smelly Romantik Blakmale Poem
Yoo came home late and woke me up frum my nap
And had the awwdacity to smell like anothur cat.

Yoo say yer catsitting yer friends furry monsturs
But the smell of thare fur is driving me bonkurs.

But I'll furgive yoo and let yoo sleep thru the nite
If I can visit my coffee cake Eric via an airplane flite.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Don't Be A "PRO" at Moshun

Owr bestest friends have been asking whare we are. We want yoo all to know it is NOT OWR FAULT we have not been arownd this past week.
Resently owr lady came home and told us she was offishallie a "Pro" at Moshun. We are much fastur than hur but didn't want to burst hur bubble considuring she is now a "PRO" at Moshun.
Moshun Skills

Evur since she's become a "PRO" at Moshun she comes home latur and has been hogging OWR bed earliur at nite. It's gottun so bad look at this!
Dissmul Sleeping Condishuns

Owr lady promuses it will get bettur in the next week...until then, we'll just half to put up with our lack of compyootur and dissmul sleeping condishuns. Hrumph...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yoo Say Tomato Poem -Rosie

Yoo say tomayto,

I say red squishie ball in a green contaynur.

Yoo say Tomatoe,

I say rolling wacking toy that smells funnie!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I Am A SupurCat! -Cheeto

Frum teedeeuslie eyeing dawgs at the nayburhood dawg-park to attaking my lady at 3 a.m. the nite before she meets with new cliunts, I am a vary importunt part of making sure things are in ordur. To show my lady how importunt I am, I frequentlie strike this SUPERCAT powse.

Luk at my protruuding mussles and wildly attraktive belly spots. It’s a gud thing thare aren’t gurlcats at the dawg park cause thay’d be nocking at my door!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Reel Eric vs. Alien Eric

My Hot Appul Dumplin, Eric had a tramatik eggsperience the othur day. A V-E-T stole three of his teef and gave him smelly annie-stetik drugs. His brothur and best friend, Flynn, keeps hissing at him cause he smells like an alien...but he's NOT an alien!
<--Reel Eric
To show Flynn that his brothur Eric (my caramul appul pie) is not an alien have taken a piktur of the reel Eric (above) and the Alien Eric (below).
<--Alien Eric
Notice a diffurence? It's vary subtle, but please leeve a comment if yoo do. We need to let Flynn know that Eric is NOT an alien!!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Whare Do Yoo Sleep?

Ok, so owr attak plan (below) didn't go as skeduled. We kinda got comfie and fell asleep instead of attaking as origunalie planned. This randum sleepyness concurned us, so we went luking fur sleepy animuls on the innurnet.

LUK AT THIS! We thawt WE were randum sleepurs - but check owt Rusty the woofie, he's the bestest randum sleepur evur!


Monday, August 27, 2007

HELLO…We have a lives too! A Message To Owr Lady.

We know yoove been busy with yer life, but HELLO, we have lives too, 18 between us bowth.
And why culdn’t yoo take us to the PLAY party with BOYs at the MANs place with the CHIN last weekend?!? The invite even had a bunny (or Skeezix) on it.
Hey, was Tripper thare
Anyways, have no wurries. While yoo were gone we were here at home diskovuring new places to hide fur a surprise attak…be afraid, be vary afraid!

Sinerelie Yers,
Rosie and Cheeto