Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Burning The Midnite Oil

Burning the midnite oil means yoo sleep all day and then werk supur hard to cause a mess when it gets dark. Yoo judge yer midnite oil burning success by the amownt of trubble yoo get into.
Luk what I did last nite during my burning of the midnite oil rooteen...

It was a successful nite!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Burthday JAKE & Thrilled To Meet Yoo Tuesday


Jake is one of owr best buddies (along with his sistur, B'Sheba.) He's turning the BIG 1-3 which is sooooo supur cul cause he duesn't like a day ovur 7! Wish him a happie burthday!

And of corse, today is...
Thrilled to Meet Yoo Ceasar & Prinnie Tuesday

Stop by and say hello to Ceasar & Prinnie cause thay are super nice kitties who always have sumthing nice to say!

Friday, March 23, 2007

**GRATE NEWS** BIG Man Cat Fownd!

Kismet didn't run away with a pak of wild chiwawas or travul cross countrie on a harlie-davidsun with a diffurent pretty gurl cat frum each state...
turns owt, he was chillin with his noo friend Mack!

His time away frum blogging hasn't changed him but it has taken a tole on his lady who is now suffuring frum colurblindness.

Are yoo a Maine Coon?

Thare is an oppurtunitie fur a Maine Coon's purson to talk to a reportur abowt "preventing/solving common feline behavior problems" for a popular cat series magazine. If yoo are a Maine Coon and yer purson is interested, put yer email in owr comment section and we'll give yoo more informashun.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Limited Space Left - Be One Of Madness' ChippenDudes...

The Beeeeeeeuuuuutiful Mrs. B's youngur "tempurarie"
sistur, Madness, is pawpicking a select groop
of hot, manlie, muscullur male cats to join her entorague!

Go to hur blog and tell hur how cul this piktur she took of us is!

If yoo want to be a ChippenDude like me
(the hot, manlie, muscullur cat in the shurt on the rite)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Whare's Kismet?!?!

When we furst started blogging Kismet the BIG mancat made us feel sooo welcome. We know he's vary busy protecting his new sistur, Sophie, but we still miss his grate posts.

Pleeze stop by his blog and tell him:
We Miss Yoo, BIG mancat Kismet

Pee-Ess- Cheeto is starting to be eggstra cuddlie and whining a lot. We need Kismet the BIG mancat arownd to show him that is not propur BIG mancat behavyor! -Rosie

Feeline Survice Annownsmint - Dissturbing Hyooman Trend

Pleeze go to the
Offishul FSA Hedquarturs
so yoo are aware of this Dissturbing Hyooman Trend.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Thrilled to Meet Yoo (INSURT NAME) Tuesday!!!

We wuld like to introoduce:
"Thrilled to Meet Yoo (INSURT NAME) Tuesday"
Evary Tuesday introduce yerself to a cat friend yoo haven't met before.

Today is...
Thrilled to Meet Yoo Chairman Mao Tuesday

Stop by and say hello to Chairman Mao
(who poses fur pickturs only when HE wants too!)
Who did yoo meet today and what's thare blog?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ovurloaded On Green Grass!

I showed yoo this picktur befour, but thawt it might be appropriate fur St. Patty's day!

Today is a day whare yoo can ovurload on the green stuff (like catgrass) and not feel bad cause evaryone else is ovurloading on the green stuff too!

Get Bettur Earl Grey!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We Are Fur Rent!

If owr lady is going to hang owt with Mr. Werk frum 8-5
go owt fur happie howrs with Mr. Werk's brothur (Co Werkers) frum 5-8
than were going to make owrselves useful during the day.

Please reed the fine print fur deetales.

Renturs must have LOTS of kittie fud ready to eat, must play with the fev-vur mowsie wand on demand, does not inturrupt us while we sunbath and/or sleep, and must have nip availabul at owr disposul.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Grandma's Majikul Powurs. Did Thay Save Skeezix!?!

Last nite owr majikal grandma was so concurned abowt Skeezix's helth she rote on his blog to let him know.
"Dear Skeezix,
I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and I hope you have a speedy recovery. I am Rosie and Cheeto's Grandma and I've been following the cat blogs for a while. Normally I would not write but when I heard you were not feeling well I just had to drop a note.
Get well soon so you can get back to normal and keep your loveably grumpy brother Mao warm.
Rosie and Cheetos Grandma from the Mitten State.
ps: Please excuse the spelling errors."

Do yoo think it's possuble Grandma has majikul powers and kurred skeezix?!?! We like to think in honur of hur, we made this tribute to grandma frum the Mittun State!

We hid hur face so she duesn't get TONS of fanmale

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Man Cat Monday or Sleepy Sunday?

What's that, Rosie? It's Man Cat Monday?
Due to the time change, I'm still purrfecting Sleepy Sunday.

Get Bettur Skeezix! We won't stop purring fur yoo until yoo do!
Keep tabs on Skeezer's helth by checking with his bro Mao.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fatty Friday

Culd yoo luk me in the eye

and tell me if yoo think I am a wurthy candidate for Fatty Friday!?!

C hubby cheeks to store fud
H efty hart to luv evaryone
E normously luvable
E xtremely outgoing
T hickly handsum
O versized ...hehehehe... ummm, feets

Sunday, March 04, 2007

NASCAT & Snuggles Evary Sunday!

Evary Sunday owr lady watches mooveable mashenes going arownd in circles on the peeple tv. Yoo know what that means?!?!? Snuggles, scratches undur the chin and headbutts fur 2 howrs strate while she watches the race!

Unlike Feetsball, owr lady duesn't "go out" to watch the mooveable mashenes circling cause it's not a BIG DEEL in San Francysco.

We wanted to make sure she knew it was a BIG DEEL fur us evary Sunday, so we designed a mooveable mashene to show owr support. Rosie's my crew cheef.
Notice owr grate sponsur!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Can't Leeve Evur Again

I think I've fownd a way to make yer peeple stay with yoo furevur. Three easy steps...
1. Get in the blak box thay take away and make yerself at home

2. Yoove got to be incoogneeto so she duesn't know yer thare

3. If she goes neer the blak box...ATTACK (see picktur)!

Rosie: Are yoo going to stay in there furevur? It's been all morning, Cheeto.
Cheeto: Ummmmmm....well, thare are still things abowt my plan I need to werk owt. ::sighs::

To all yoo yung (and old) kitties owt thare, pleeze see this GRATE edjucashunal video on the nip that Daisy put owt.