Thursday, August 31, 2006

What in the Wurld?

First of all, we adveyes no cat to do the following stunt. This littul guy is eithur vary brave or vary nieeve and he ovviouslie doesnt mind a littul earwax. Rosie luvs earwax by the way.

What do yoo think? Wuld yoo do this?
We wuld also adveyes yoo to be vary careful when drinking owt of a pursuns glass.

Thay have these things cauld thums on thair peeple paws. These thums help them hould stuff. We kitties dont have thums so we dig owr heads into things and risk getting stuck like this pour pour kittie.

Have yoo evur gotten stuck in sumthing?
Glass? drawur? Sowfa? Elefant? Do tell....

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New frends, Jake and Bathsheba

This is Jake

This is Bathsheba
Weve met sum grate kitties and these two are no eggseptshun.

I'd like too introduce yoo to two of owr new best frends, Jake and Bathsheba. Thay are frum a beetiful jungle in Vir-gen-ya. Thay have pichturs of them in the jungle on thare blog.

If yoo want to visit them in vir-gen-ya be vary carefule not to run into a fat annimul naybur called "coon". Thay say the coon tawnts them and eats frum thare bowl at nite leeving furrocus pawprints.

Visit thare blog so thay can visit yers too!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

What grate mug shots we have

We won Skeezix's MMHowse competishun! Here we are celebrating our woooondurful prize frum owr amazing frend, Skeezix. Check out owr winning qwotes below.

"I decidud to fill it with watur frum the fowntain in the
peeple's littur box room"

cause she gets to use the cup
"I am enjoying sum celebratorie wine and a little bit of cheeze"

If yoo missed it the Meow Mix howse selected 12 kitties fur a reality show. Skeezix conducted his own game and each of his frends selected a kittie frum the howse to chear fur.

We selected Cisco a street smart cat thats frum the town ware we were born, Myami. What do ya no, he won!

Thanks Skeezix fur such a cul contest and an even cuuler mug!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yer importunt nowledge fur the day!

  • The beeeutiful lines arownd our eyes is called mascara. That means both gurl cats and guy cats ware make-up, hahahaha!
  • Did yoo know we have a 3rd eyelid inside of our eye called a haw? Our peeple only have two...yet anothur reason why thay think were so cul.
  • Our eyes glow in the dark! Usually are eyes are greenish or golden in the dark but the eyes of a siamese can luk ruby red, just like the slippurs dorthie wares in the wizard of oz!
  • In relashun to our body size we have the LARGEST eyes of any mammel! But remember quality is more importunt than quantitie. For instance, luk at this berd with TONS of eyes all ovur. With sooo many eyes yoo think he wuld nowtice just how silly he luks.....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Are we the only normul ones arownd?

Earlur this week our lady decided to eat stones and got vary sick....note to self, dont eat stones. Thare are so many yummy things in the kitchun, why stones!?!?!

ANIWAYS, we tell yoo this because sumthing vary cul happened...
Grandma came fur an unexspeted visit to take care of hur and luv us!

Amung the eggstra fud, eggsepshinal playtime and the cuddles she did all of our ladys lawndrie while she slept. This was the best because we now have a new hideout to eggsplore.
Check it owt!

Do yoo have sumone aside frum yer peeple who spoil yoo?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...Be sure to ware flowurs in yer fur

Even city kitties have an appreshiasun for natchur....espeshally in San Francysco. San Francysco kitties ware flowurs in our fur.

What a grate surprize when our lady's bruthur and his gurlfrend (thay are VARY nice) sent us to these beeeeutiful flowurs called "dazzies".

Although we are san francysco cats we had a hard time gettin the
flowurs to stay in our fur...

so we decided to eat them like fud insted.

Dont be mistakin, these dazzies DO NOT have the same afect as the 'nip but they do taste yummy.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Say hello to our sofistecated frend, Silent Sally

Our lady browt home a new frend for us, Silent Sally. She's vary quiet and reminds us a lot of our frend, Derby the Sassy Cat's frend Vir-Ginger.

Here I am sniffing Sally to make sure she has a propur welcume to our home.

And here I am posing exactlie like Sally for the camera. Its importent to make a new kitty comfurtalbe so they can evenshually eggspress themself.

I tried to resstle Sally but accidentalie nocked her ovur. Here I am checking out her belly to make sure I didnt do any majur dammage because she luks vary fragele.

Derby has vir-ginger and the crew's peeple browt home misty fur george, tipper and max. Do yer peeple bring home frends fur yoo?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a furry cute thing...

My lady sumtimes looks at the magazenes with the stylesh pichurs in it. This wasnt one of the pichurs but we think it luks soooo furry and comfertable.

Do yoo think this is in style cause we dont ware sherts and furry bodie sutes?

We want to get this fur our frend skeezix who has vary lil fur and culd catch a cold without covuring up. Do yoo think they sell these in pink?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Weerd things about Cheeto!

We were tagged by our best frends Leo & Bambi and Victor Tabby Cat so hear are some weerd things abowt us. We are differenshiating the rules cause we got sleepy typing....

1. I screem and stand next to the water fowntin in the human litter box when i'm thurstie.....
2. I like it when my lady takes my paws and helps me streeeetch out.....
3. I luv luv luv grandpa who doesnt come to visit enough.

Weerd things about Rosie!

1. I like to cuddule with my lady but when cheeto comes up I get mad and leeve.....
2. I luv to knock back and forth a pichtur in my ladies bedroom to wake her up at 4a.m.....
3. One of my favurite things to do is lick tape and pichturs.

Our Lady:
1. Sometime she pretends too be sleeping so we will cuddle up with her at nite....
2. She is not tail conshus and accedentailly steps on cheetos tail which he hates.....
3. We think she got anuther boyfrend this week called "new job" cause she's been gone a lot!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My lady wants an innervenshon

This afternune when my lady got home she found me cuddeling something othur than Cheeto. She cawght me red pawed with the 'nip . She's fownd me with the 'nip befour but never 50 pownds of it!! That's a lot of 'nip .

Yoo see, I was going to call Rocky the Gutter Cat to join me but I became soooo entransed with the 'nip that I forgot to share. I forget a lot of things when I have the ' what the flore feels like (so I rub my body agenst it), what my bellie luks like (so I exspos it to evaryone) and if Im hungary or not (so I start eatting
the 'nip like fud).

She was tawking on the black thing to someone and I herd her say I need an innervenshon. Whats that? I hope its not an operashon whare they shave my bellie again!?!?!?!

Im going to doo the one thing that calms me when I worrie.....hide in the courner with
the 'nip ! -Rosie

Friday, August 11, 2006

Ode to Kismet the BIG man cat!

I kno Im not as BIG as kismet but here is my (Cheetos) inturpretatshon of Kismet the big man cat. Notice on his blog Kismet has vary big whisker humps and huge paws.

Rosie was the camerakittie and I was the model for this pichur. Notice Rosie has asksentuated my paw with the camera angle she has chosen.

What to look for in the city

Living as a city cat is not easy. Evary day when our lady goes "to work" we must be on the luk-out for anything different on the cat tv. We take turns watching. Heres cheeto luking out....

This blu box is vary popular and it must be vary important. Many peeple give it fud evary day. The fud doesn't luk yummy, it luks boring like the wite stuff our lady puts in the printer.

Then a blu man in a blu mashenne (not the same one as our lady's have skeezix) takes his fud from his bottom and puts it in his blu mashenne. He must get payed a lot because that just a gross job to take the fud out after its already been eaten. Hes usually punchsual exsept for one day whare we think he forgets or perhaps he gets detoxified.

Do yoo have a blu man in yer cat tvs or is this a city thing?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Our furst posting!

Welcome to our blog....were Rosie and Cheeto. With a little insperashion frum our friends we desided to start our own blog.

We are origenally frum Myami whare we were born in 2000 (Cheeto) and 2001 (Rosie).

After our lady graduated she spent two years in Michigan (whare our lady was born) and then we mooved to San Francysco. We have driven in the blu mashine all over the USA.

In San Francysco we live next too a dawg park. Thare are TONS of peeple and dawgs and we luk forward to educating yoo on how kitties servive in the BIG city. We also are luking forward to heering frum yoo and making new frends!

Yeaaaa, we are so exsited!! Luk for more posts shortly...