Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over the Rivur and Throo the woods

It was a wild rode trip to visit gramma and grampa fur a cupple of days. We didn't get to drive, but we did get to be in charge of the flashy thing,. Here's what we saw...

Yoo can tell it’s fall cause the fall colur of oranje was evaryware!

Here’s whare the bares eat peepul and tendur yoong jyoosy cats like us. It’s called soldjeer feeld.

And this is whare the bares stay when they are not eating peepul and tendur yoong jyoosy cats.

Don’t wurry, we made sure to keep owt of site so thay didn’t get us. It was skarry.

When we knew it was safe to reappear rosie got up hi to take pickturs.

She saw the biggest, cat playgrownd EVER!

I reely wanted to stop at this exit cause we passed the yoo-kay whare myRootbeer float hubby Eric lives.

Cheeto wanted to get hi when he saw this kul gang.

Thay wure vary loud.

We wanted to stop at Paw Paw to get owr paws mannekurred, but owr lady said no.

Finallie we made it home to see gramma and grampa. We wure so eggsited that we furgot to take pickturs, so yoo just have to take owr wurd fur it when we say we wure vary eggsited!!!


Lone Star Purrs said...

Those were furry good pic-shurs!! Momma wuzn't furry happy wif the bares that play at soldjeer feeld today. But....she IS all the way a'citied 'bout the bares-in-trayning winning the division. Whatefur THAT means?!?! Beans!!
~Meeko & Kiara

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like you had a great road trip. We are very lucky because our Nana and Grampy came to live with us 3 years ago. We get to see them all the time, except when we're napping.

Daisy said...

It sounds like you had a good time! Too bad you did not get to drive.

Cap'n Skeezy said...

WOWZA! Did yoo pass the Chuck Erreca Rest Stop? That's my faverite part of any rode trip!

katztales said...

Great road trip. Good you're not car sick. Did you get to drive?

Eric and Flynn said...

You take such good photos my sweetest Rum Baba. I wish you could haf turned off at the Yookay exit cuz then I could haf gone to your Gramma and Grampa's with you.I wuz reely worried about you going past the bare park. I'm glad the bares didn't try to get you.
Purrs and hugs furrom Eric

Tesla said...

I iz glad yoo get ta go wif dem beans!

I dun like da car, but i dun like bein left ahind... iz hard acision.

Anonymous said...

Cool photos sounds like you had a great time...Hugs Ariel