Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Friends!

When I get sleepy and Cheeto or the Furry Rodent are hogging the lady I just cuddul up with my best friend Mr. Bare. As yoo can see he is always in the mood fur a gud cuddul and he doesn't complain when I sit real close to him and even NOM on him a little bit.

My best friends when Rosie and the Furry Rodent are not around are the HONKERS owtside. Thay are soooo much fun to watch. Thay like to NOM bread...I don't think it is vary nommy. Owr lady says we can onlie hang owt with them frum far away.

And my best friend when Rosie and Cheeto aren't in the mood to be nice to me is ANYTHING that will play with me!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hanging Owt With Our New Furry Rodent

This was fotoshopped. Thare is NO WAY we are akshully enjoying spending time with Shelby, the furry rodent.

It mite luk like we are noozling, but I am mearly giving the stink eye to the furry monster.