Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Whose Chair is it?

Yer name is soooo not on this chair.

You'll have to stand until we are finished relaxing!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cheeto Bares All!!

Some of yoo may remembur when I became faymoos from my appearance on Karen Jo's Kitty Limerick site. Well, I had to go into hiding cause Rosie...errr, my bodyguard...was not cooperating and fans were swarming like wild kitties on a can of toona jyoose.

Now that I've mooved to Shytown I've desided to come out of hiding and show my Handsum MANCATness to the werld again. So, aftur careful considurashun I desided to go for it and BARE ALL fur Sparkle's Upside-Down Kitty site!

Ain't that a hunk of a site for y'all to admire!?!?! Pleeze don't hold back with your comments. I know I'm a H-O-T Mancat Spesamin!!