Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do yoo have a paint brush?

Why wuld my lady paint a wite stripe on my tale?

I think its vary stylish but I always wundured why.
Has yer lady evur painted yoo?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Deep Thawts, by Cheeto

Sumetimes I wonder...
Why my lady rubs my belly and tells me how cute I am?
Here are more pickturs of my

**Update - Luna, owr indoor Spanyard frend who ran out of the vet door to avoid a dawg last month has been fownd safe and sound**

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wow, they are vary confused

Notice anything strange abowt this picktur?

Can yoo believe these pigs think of this BIG cat as thare mommy?!?

At leest thay know how to dress.

I think thay luk a little like me....minus the handsum face.
Do yoo agree?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

egspressing owr concern.

We've finallie put owr paws down and eggspressed owr dismay with the lady's boyfrend, Mr. Job.

We have sevural problums with Mr. Job....
1. He hogs owr ladie. Evury morning until the evening he takes owr lady owt and doesnt even stop by to introduce himself to us.
2. Owr ladie says hes the reasun thare's fud in owr bowl but we dont see him putting fud in owr bowl, owr lady does....eggsplain that "Mr. Job"!?!?
3. She was typing on the computur today. We asked why she was iggnoring us and she said she was doing stuff fur Mr. Job. Now Mr. Job is making her work...Can yoo believe it!!

We've had it, Cheeto finally tuk a stand.......

Its importunt to note this manuver is for eggsperienced kitties onlie.Don't completely disrupt her typing.. Just lie on the keybord so it's inconvenient fur yer lady to type arownd yoo. Lastly, yoo have to give her yer best 'I luv yoo but I'm serious abowt this' luk. It werks evurytime!

Friday, September 15, 2006

C-A-N-E-S....go canes!

I was born in Miyami and my ladie says she fownd me because her old boyfrend (mr. universitee) brawt her to me. This is her old boyfrend's logo on the hat!

- Rosie (picktur taken by Cheeto) -

Owr ladie says the mr. universitee football team needs as much help as it can get. We dont know much abowt foot problums but we are willing to help owt in aniway we can!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Purrs are owt!

We are soooo happie. Here are the reesuns why...
Rosie's so happie on her bellie thinking abowt how much she luvs her ladie! -Cheeto Fur two weeks owr lady has taken the box with her sherts and pants away fur the weekends. Last nite she told us she was dune leeving fur a while. She still goes to visit her boyfrend (the job) but comes home soon aftur to luv us.

This saturday is skeezixs burthday. If yer not furmiliar with skeezix yoo have been living undur a rock withowt innturnet aggsess. Aniways hes goin two be two!!

Duz this shert make my butt luk big?!?!?! We thowt the shert was kinda silly but we humurred owr lady fur a little bit. THEN...

Then I got a little annoyed and screemed til she tuk off owr shert so I culd be free!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Owr lady browt us a new hangout....

Pichtur it, a typicul Sunday morning sleeping late with owr ladie when zzzzzzzz...we were abruptlie inturupted by a lowd noyse at the door. Two peeple brawt in a new hang out fur us! Look....

We wure scared at furst but than we saw owr lady hanging out on it so aftur much sniffing inspectshun we decided to try it owt fur ourselfs. Its grate!

Do yoo want to cume over to selebrate owr new hang out? Yer ALL welcume!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Werd verufucashun

Is it just us or are these werd verufucashuns getting longur and longur? Its alreedy vary hard fur cats to type without thums much less find all the letturs when the werds get longur evaryday!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Get Fuzzy - Our favurite comic strip

We usually reed this comic strip evary day, it's cawled Get Fuzzy. Thare are three main characturs and we luv to watch how thay interact togethur.
  • Bucky - is a sarcastic, funny, sumtimes mean, silly cat
  • Satchel - is an innoceant, nice, nayeve, luvabule dawg
  • Rob - is Bucky and Satchel's "fud man" who talks to them

We reely like this one because it talks abowt owr favurite thing.....'nip!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

If yoo can beleve it?!?!?!

A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise.

The hippopotamus, nicknamed Owen and weighing 650 pounds, lost its mother and was swept into the Indian Ocean. He was tramatized. It had to look for something to be a surrogate mother. Fortunately, it landed on the tortoise and established a strong bond. They swim, eat and sleep together.
"It is incredible. A-less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted a male tortoise, about a century old, and the tortoise seems to be very happy with being a 'mother'," ecologist Paula Kahumbu, who is in charge of Lafarge Park , told AFP.

"The hippo follows the tortoise exactly the way it follows its mother. If somebody approaches the tortoise, the hippo becomes aggressive, as if protecting its biological mother," Kahumbu added.

"The hippo is a young baby, he was left at a very tender! age and by nature, hippos are social animals that like to stay with their mothers for four years," he explained.

Doesn't this stuff make yoo sooo happie!?!?!