Monday, December 22, 2008

My Albino Toy Mowsie Story, By Rosie

This is a storie of a cat (me, Rosie) and my new friend, ALBINO TOY MOWSIE.


One evening we fownd all of our toys put away in our toy box. As if that weren’t enuff would yoo believe the lady ran the LOWD sucker upper thingy and sucked up all of the extra fuds we strategically placed around our fud bowl. And then she put paint on her face, wore a nice owtfit (that we could culdn’t sit on beforehand to hair it up) and left us with NOTHING TO DO!


Just as we wure abowt to show owr dismay by peeing on her bed and throwing up owr fuds again I noticed sitting in her bag the kulest thing in the werld—the ULTIMATE ALBINO TOY MOWSIE!!!!! Now this was no ordinarie (go to the pet store and buy it) mowsie. This mowsie was an albino mowsie from head to toe half wrapped up especially for me! She had been hiding the ALBINO TOY MOWSIE in her work bag for months and now it was ALL MINE! I played and played and played with the ALBINO TOY MOWSIE and made sure it was mine by getting my goobers ALL over it.


Later that nite my lady came home with….a guy. Cheeto likes guy peepuls so he greeted him with lots of headbutts as soon as he sniffed him out. Once the guy sat down and my lady went to get some whine for the two of them I made my move and introduced myself and my ALBINO TOY MOWSIE. My lady must have put on clown make-up when she was getting the whine cause her cheeks were so red when she returned and found the three of us: the guy, me, and the ALBINO TOY MOWSIE hanging owt together.


The ALBINO TOY MOWSIE doesn’t come around that often to play. But EVARY ONCE in a while I’ll find him hanging owt in hur bag or hiding in the peepuls litter box room. I hope someday you’re luckie enuff to find yer own ALBINO TOY MOWSIE cause they are the Best!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We've Been Tweeting!

It seems that our lady has been helping us tweet and not helping us blog!