Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday's Top Ten- Dinner Time!

Guess what!?! Owr berdie finalie came owt of its egg! We have no idea how it lived in such a tiney space-maybe he lived in Manhattun before moving to the egg so he's used to small places.
Anyways, owr lady says we are not allowed to eat him. We are vary upset so we came up with ten gud reasuns why we shuld eat the green fee-vur monstur.

1 He luks like a yummy green chikhen
2 He makes lots if noise and disturbs owr naptime
3 His head fits purfektlie into owr mowths
4 Prowteen is gud fur owr furs

Owr lady eats stuff inside eggs so why can't we?
he's a fresh pickin frum owr egg gardun so he's organik
His vishus sharp beek mite hurt owr lady
Its survivul of the fittest and we are fitter than him
He has a wishbone so all owr wishes will come true
We grew it so its owrs to eat!

Can yoo think of any othur reasons that wuld support owr case!?!

His name is BT and he belongs to gramma and grampa. Owr lady says we can't eat him cause gramma and grampa luv him vary much. ::sigh::

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We’re Growing Berdies

We fownd this berdie egg and decided to grow owr own fresh, organik berdies. We are so eggsited cause thare are severul baby berdies popping up already and thayre wings are sprowting.
It’s vary hard not to eat play with them cause thay luk so yummy friendlie.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Thursday Evening Watur-Crawl

Today we are going on a watur-crawl to the various waturing-holes.
Waturing Hole #1: The Casual Fail-Safe The peepul prefur yoo utulize this because thay bought it spechulie fur yoo. Yoo shuld only use this when thay are not arownd to show that yoo are the decishun makur in the howse.

Waturing Hole #2: The Hole-In-The-Wall
Thare are 2 ways to enjoy this: frum the metul sprayer or frum the big wite bowl when it gathurs up. If yoo havent trayned yer peepul to turn this on here's a tip-get next to it and screem until thay come running.

Waturing Hole #3: The Swanky Joint
Tipikally off limits due to a vary heavy covur, this serves as owr favurite.
If yoo are able to drink do it quik cause when the peepul see yoo thay will clowse it down and tell yoo 'no'

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Skary Sunday- Litul Bares in Trayning

Shytown is known for its vishus attak cubs-aka littul bares in trayning. The place I am showing yoo here is called Wigglie feeld. This is whare the cubs purrfekt their attak skills. When the lites are on I know the vishus attak cubs are preparing to pownce.

To keep the vishus cubs away frum unsuspekting shyTown peepul and gurlcats (like my lady and rosie) I frequentlie get owt my meen-sharp-furoshus MANcat face.
Protekting innosent peepul and gurlcats is tuff, but I'm prowd to be the MANcat chowsen fur the job!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

An Offishul Introdukshun to Shytown

I am pleezed to annownce that we've finallie arrived at owr partment in Shy-town. Akchually it's not reely IN Shy-Town, its ON TOP of Shy-Town! Here I am exekuting my new Shy-Town MANcat dooty- protekting the whole city frum vishus deer. So far, I've skared them all away.
During my downtime (when I'm not on MANcat patrols) I watch owr cat-teevee. We defantlie have the delux-premeyum-platnum-exsklusive cabul package cause its got a squillion piktur-n-pukturs all at once! I also want to annownce that I am going to start a new series of posts to tell yoo what's new on the cat tee-vee. I want to call it "Detektive Cheeto Investugates" but my lady said "Peeping Cheeto Exposes All" is more appropriate.
What do yoo think I shuld call my new series?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rosie Colured Glasses – Mittun State & Catnip-HiRise partmunt

We finallie arrived with gramma and grampa to the Mittun State. Here’s a piktur of Cheeto attaking the vishus toys that were awaiting us when we arrived.
Owr lady says she got us a big 'partment and that owr hideowts arrived yesterday. And she evun promised to take “the stuff” she put in them out so we could play “king of the fort” or in my case “queen of the fort”.

Luk fur updates as soon as we get to owr new ‘partment with the hideowt forts. Culd life get any better innurnets!?!

Sined, Rosie