Monday, May 17, 2010

Thare's A Woofie Monstur

Thare's something new and furry living in the SAME howse as us. We don't know what it is but we have accumyoolated some vary important clues:
1. It makes "mistakes" and pees IN the howse but NOT in the litturbox. How undignified!
2. It is furry like us and makes lowd woofie noises if we try to nom its foods.
3. It's name is "Yer A Good Boy, Rockford" cause it seems to respond to that.

We ignore "Yer A Good Boy, Rockford" but the Furry Rodent Shelby enjoys making contact with him. Here is the Furry Rodent "playing" with the Woofie Monster

And this video evidence was taken on the first day "Yer A Good Boy, Rockford" came to live with us. He was vary tired and sleeping so the Furry Rodent decided to investigate. Here's the yootube if yoo can't see it.

We have HIGH hopes that someday this Woofie Monstur will decide to eat the Furry Rodent. Until then, we will continue owr investigation as to what this THING is...