Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ode to Grandpa on his burthday!! -By Cheeto

If yoo remembur my grandparents came to visit last weekend frum the mitten state thay live in. Both Rosie and I luv grandpa but this is my ode cause I'm his little furry monster boy and its his burthday today!

Grandpa is super cul. Whenevur I see him he picks me up and cuddles with me til I'm in a transe. Here we are togethur. I'm pretending to be supercat fur the picktur. Of corse, I'm purring but yoo cant tell frum the picktur.

Here I am sleeping underneeth grandpas arm. He always let me cuddle next to him whenevur he sleeps.

Happie Burthday, Grandpa...we hope yoo got lots of catnip and toyz!
Do yoo have a speshul visitur that you just LUV and ADORE!?!?!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The most amazing day EVUR!

Pleese mark today as one of the best days EVUR! I got my award fur winning the scariest costuum frum skeezix’s contest.
Here's cheeto and I opening the scarie box. I’m the pretty one on the rite…

My troffie was sooooo scarie. It says “scariest costuum” and evun has a vishus deer on it!

Cheeto was all ovur the Mao and Rocky’s Vishus Deer repelant. It came complete with instructshuns on how to spray the vishus deer. And just so yoo know its vary vary stinkie.

OK, back to may troffie….luk at how shinie it is and it came complete with a vishus deer on it!!

I’m so prowd that I had the currage to concur the vishus deer,
I’m so happie that Luxor gave me the inspurashun to ware my skunk costuum,
I’m so grateful that Mao and Rocky made the stinkie vishus deer repellunt,

And Lastlie…I’m so Lucky to have the amazingly wonderful Skeezix as a frend. He is the bestest frend evur. Thank yoo sooooo much skeezix! Yer the best!!! -Rosie

Sunday, October 22, 2006

We Are Inturvewing A Cat Sit-tur Next Week

Grandma and Grandpa came this was CrAzY fun (more on that soon). Anyways, they insistud owr lady go home ovur the holidays. We dont want to travul to that mittun state (called Michigun) so that meens we get to inturvew fur a cat sit-tur!!

Our lady logged onto a grate cat sittur finder and fownd a vary nice lady. We have an offishul inturview next week. We are going to put her threw strenuous testing including:
A "One-on-One Stair and Meow" test

An extensive "Play With The Mousie Wand" test

and a "Can Yoo Find Us?" test

These are not easie tests. The site says shes curtified but thare must be a vary speshul certifucashun to take care of crazie furry monsturs like us?!?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Monkie See, Monkie do!?!

Owr lady tried to eggsplain what a monkie sute is...
Cheeto in his monkie sute fur halloween

Skeezix in his monkie sute to annownce the costuum contest winnurs. If yoo ask me it shuld be a pengwin sute but owr lady insists its a monkie sute

Here's a pursun in a monkie sute. He's soooo not a reel monkie!

On a side note- Grandma and Grandpa are coming into town fur the weekend!! We are sooo egsited!!!! Grandpa gives us TONS of purrs and Grandma feeds us eggstra fud...luk fur updates soon.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happie Burthday To Owr Lady!

Today’s owr ladies burthday. She went owt with frends last night to celebrate. At midnite we wayted fur her to come home, she was owt way past owr bedtime! Finally late at nite she came home luking vary tired.
Here’s Cheeto doing an immatashun of her…

Than she drank TONS of watur and went to bed. She was OWT!! She luked kinda like this…

Late morning she said she was “hung-ovur”. We don’t know what that meens but all day she luked like this.

That “hang-ovur” doesn’t sownd like a vary nice present but she keeps on insiting she had a wonderful burthday! Peeple are so strange.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Facinashun with the head fur

Lately we have been ennamured with owr ladys head fur. If yer peerson has head fur hear are a cupple of things yoo can do with it:
Goobur it up
Put a wad of the head fur in yer mowth and get yer gooburs on it. Do this sparinglie. Just as we don't like to get owr fur wet the purson has the same reactshun when yoo goobur up her fur.
The appreshiashun groom
If yoo feel compelled, run yer paws thru the pursons head fur. This will make yer purson smile and usually yoo get a hug, a cuddle or even a kiss on fourhead.
The wake up pull

To wake yer purson up in the morning, put a big chunk of the head fur in yer mowth and pull. Its TONS of fun, but it mite get yoo shooed off the bed and in sum cases locked owt of the room.

Notice that we have vary little head fur.

Do yoo have head fur? How abowt yer purson?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Competishuns and how to be owr friend!

Look at all the grate competitshuns on the cat bloggosphere!
Skeezix’s costuum contest
The Hot (M)BC costuum contest
The two B’s competishun

We’ve been doing a horruble job adding yoo to owr best frends link sectiun on the rite side. If yoo visit owr blog reggularlie and are not mentchuned please send us a comment with yer name and site link. Thanks.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Cheeto's Halloween Costuum

Aftur much thawt, I've decided that I want to be a Monkey fur halloween. Here I am dressed in my monkey sute.

I went "on-locashun" in my monkey sute. I went into the jungle and made TONS of frends including: mr. monkie, three tiger piggies and a red fee-vur! Skeezix asked if I saw lions or bares...I didn't, but if I had the big cat Jake and I would have exsplored furthur into the jungle.

I am going to entur
Skeezix's costuum contest &
Hot (M)BC costuum contest
as a monkey. My ladie told us owr costuums are not fur reel so we shuldnt win. I'm confused cause owr best freends Grr, Midnight and Cocoa said "We don't luk like that fur reel so it must be a costuum". hmmmm...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rosie's halloween costoom

One of owr best frends, Luxor, mentioned that my striped tale could have been because my mom was a non-stinkie skunk. Aftur much ponduring I decided to celebrate halloween with this 'ode to my potential mom' costoom!

Pleeze be aware, this took a lot of preplanning to ware this costuum with the vishus deer surrownding me. I also sprayed Mao and Rocky's vishus deer repelant to make sure I was not in dangur!

I'm going to entur in
Skeezix's costuum contest &
Hot (M)BC costuum contest
but my lady says its not a reel costoom so we can't win but we dont care. Luk for Cheeto's costoom soon!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Grate afternoon fur us…

Owr lady came home early today!! She left her boyfriend, mr. werk, because she had a “my-grain”.

The “my-grain” must be a special grain frum the whole fuds grosery store that puts her to sleep cause she took a pill and then curled up on the cowch. We immediatelie went to work and cuddled up next to her and slept too. This “my-grain” must ware off quick cause shes bettur now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Dailie Rooteen

Evury day when owr lady comes home we have owr rooteen. If yoo have not started this rooteen we suggest yoo start rite away:
1.) When yer lady (or boy pursun) gets home aggnowlede them with a cute "we missed yoo" luk on yer face. Be sure to get clowse and open yer eyes reel wide.
2.) wayt fur yer fourhead kiss from the lady (or boy purson) and aggsept it withowt mooving to much.
3.) wayt fur yer lady (or boy purson) to put down thair bag thing. This is the bag thing that has importunt stuff including a lowd nosiey tawking device, a bunch of metal things that fit in doors and stuff to stain her lips pink.

4.) sniff hur feet until she takes off her human paw pads (a.k.a. shuews) and rub against them like this. Thay smell sooo gud, just like owr lady.

5.) once yer lady (or boy purson) gets into the fud room make sure yoo furget abowt the human paw pads (a.k.a. shuews) and mraw mraw fur fud.
Try this owt and let us know if yoo have sugsess!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blessing of the anamuls

This morning owr lady told us she was going to a "survace fur us". We were vary wurried that she was going to the V-E-T to get flee control stuff on hur neck or even worse, get a spaying opperashun! She even took two of owr favurite toys with her. We had no clue she liked to play with owr toys.

When she came back this afturnoon she say she got owr toys blessed at a blessing of the anamuls service. We dont notice a diffurance but it made owr ladie happie so it made us happie too.

Here are pickturs of owr "blessed toys".

Of corse, the 50 pownds of nip was blessed!