Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thankful Fur Turkie And Feeantsays

We are thankful fur the grate turkie fud we got to eat on Thursday. The turkie faktory must have made too much turkie cause tons of owr friends ate turkie on Thursday too.
We are also thankful fur feeantsays cause today owr lady told us owr allurjek unkle (hur brothur) got In-Gaged to his gurlfriend this weekend making hur his feeantsay.
In-Gaged meens that yoo aren't relaytud but reely like sumone and want to become relaytud so yoo ask them if thay want to be In-Gaged and be yer feeantsay. Sounds kinda kul and a vary nice thing to do, so...
Will ALL of owr innurnet friends get In-Gaged to us and become owr feeantsays?

Monday, November 19, 2007

ManCat Prowling

Aftur a gud nites rest undur the covurs, it's important to wake up ready to prowl...

Here is my deturmuned Mancat prowl luk. Pleeze be vary karful only to use this skary luk momunts befour yoo attak yer pray or else it mite skare vary small animuls and baby peepuls...

And here I am stawking my prowl prey (of corse, it's my sistur, Rosie, I am preparing to attak)

Thare is no picktur of me attaking Rosie because I am such a feerrochus fitur that my lady had to decide if she was going to take a picktur or save Rosie's life. She decided to spare Rosie, but she mite not be so luckie next time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mad yet aMused ManCat Monday

As yoo can see frum my eggspresshun, I am not happy with the lack of blogging owr lady is purrmitting us to do.

Rosie and I are between a catnip-rock and a hard cat-skratchur space with owr feelings

We're happie...
because owr lady has been vary busy cheeting on hur boyfrend, Mr. Werk, and inturviewing several diffuruent peepul to be the man-purson of the howse.
We're upset...
because the inturview process is eggstremelie intense. She always seems to be busy putting paint on hur face and using that lowd blowing thing on hur long head-fur at nite. Then, when she's done doing that silly stuff....she leeves fur the man-purson interview.

She's got a cupple man-peepul to chose frum. We hope she picks a cul man-purson soon!!