Monday, June 23, 2008

Mancat Monday- How to Art

If yoo find yerself luking fur a hobby to brake up the sleep, eat and take stinkies rootine I suggest yoo learn how to art. Here is a grate masterpeese of mine that I’ve spent 2 years develuping.

Notice the flowing angul of the wite boxspring linur flooowing against the floor? Yes, that is MY mancat masterpeese. If yoo wuld like an autograf I am availabul during non-sleep, food and stinkie werk hour frum aproximutlie 2-3 a.m.

Do yoo like to art? If so, do yoo have a masturpeese too?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Visit Frum My Coliej Roomie - Cheeto

We thawt we had evarything undur control now that we regulatud the amownt of time owr lady spent with hur BF mr. Jahb, but noooo...
Sum nites she disappears and comes home with drawing of pots and stuff- Is she crazie? Why go sumware to draw a pot when thare are plentie of REEL pots here?
Othur nites she comes home smelling of grass and claims she was sawftballing-we don't have a clue what that culd be!?!

And get this-last weekund one of my furst evur roommates frum my colliej days visited. Can yoo beleeve she turned into a V-E-T! I hid at furst...cawse I smelled VET on hur...but aftur a wile I remembured she was kul so we started chillen together like the ol days!

I introdoozed rosie to my formur roomie and she sniffed away all the bad V-E-T smell starting with hur noze.

We wure all sad to see hur go, but happie to know she is saving wondurful kitties like us!