Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Mini-Hyooman Burble...

It's been awhile since owr last post and owr lady (who has gained lotsa weight in hur belly) says a stork is coming in Late Novembur to drop off a mini-hyooman burble!

Wure not sure what this "burble" thing is but we've been told it is a hairless kitteh-like mini-hyooman that's loud and makes lotsa stinkies. At furst we didn't like the idea but than we wure told that if we do a good job training it than the burble will drop noms and help us keep the hyoomans up all nite!

Here I am trying to communicate with the mini-hyooman burble. I think it has some ninja in him cause it's vary good at kicking.

What's also really cool are all the toys the hyoomans got fur us to make us feel better abowt having to put up with the burble.

Here Rosie is playing in the bouncer with the whackable toys...

And here is OWR new bed...

So hopefully this mini-hyooman burble will be trained right and learn to give us the squillions of noms that we deserve!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Lady Is Tying A Knot

Tomorrow the lady is going to TIE A KNOT with the tall man that has been hanging owt here for a loooooong time. We asked her what "Tying a Knot" meant. She said its a chance fur us all to dress up and the tall man will promise to be in owr familie furever and ever and ever. That's cool cause we like the tall man...he sneaks us noms and we sleep on top of him at nite.

This is how the day will look tomorrow with us all dressed up. If yoo look closely we made the furry rodent ware a dress. HAHAHAHA

Welkome to the family tall man. BRING ON THE NOMS!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


A speshul valentines to our lady...

I also want to take a look back at the valentines I made in 2006 for my caramel apple pie a'la mode ERIC who lives in the U.K.

He will always be my speshul valuntine! Luv, Rosie

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chillin' Like a Hyooman

Today I am pretending I am a hyooman by doing hyooman things.

The first hyooman thing I did was sleep on a pillow. I don't think I look vary hyooman like but I was comfy.

So comfy I slept in until vaaaaaaaary late. shhhhh...

I didn't feel like werking like my hyooman does so I thought I'd just hang out here and watch teevee.

Because I didn't have opposabul thumbs I couldn't turn the teevee on so I just hung out with it. It's kinda boring when it isn't turned on.

Lastly I spent the evening taking a bath.....

errrrr, I tested the water and decided I didn't want to enter this pool of water like the hyoomans do. I'm not a big fan of being a hyooman. Being a kitteh is sooooooooooo much cooler!