Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tips Fur A Grate Rode Trip

It's gud to take brakes frum driving. Here I am supurvysing grampa to make sure he duzent drive off a cliff or into vishus deer territorrie.
It importunt to watch owt aftur yer peepul eggspeshullie my grampa who is a squillion years old!

Its also importunt to always luk yer best when travuling on a rode trip. Here I am kapitulizing on my sunspot time so I can ensure I maintain my evun MANcat tan.
To avoid gurlcats jumping into owr speeding moovabul mashene to get a luk at me, Cheeto Swavay, i oftun have to go to exstreem measures. Here I am inkognitto except fur my handsum boootay.
Ladycats I only put up one piktur cause yoo probublie culdnt handul more!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Gramparents are Coming, The Gramparents are Coming!

Guess what!?!? We've been peeing evarywhare fur two grate reasons...
1. We are so eggsited gramma and grampa are coming to visit us tonite and we're going on owr rode trip tomorrow morning!
2. Owr lady is still steeling owr hideowts and putting "stuff" in them!

As mad as we are at owr lady we are actshullie wurried abowt hur being safe withowt us while we are gone on owr rode trip to the mittun state.She pinkie-pawed swore that the minute she finds us all a grate luxshury partment in ShyTown we will be back togethur again. Hopefullie well get one big enuff fur gramma, grampa, and all of owr friends to live in with us! Paws crossed!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Retaking Owr Hideouts

We are so luckie. Latelie owr lady had been bringing us hideouts!
What's strange is that she builds these hideouts for us and then puts "stuff" in them. Here's a piktur of hur "stuff". Can yoo believe that within minutes of this piktur being taken she moved this "stuff" into OWR hideout!
To show owr displeasure with this hideout TAKEOVER we staged a vishus protest as yoo can see in the below piktur. We don't like to attak owr lady, but sometimes the best way of disuplining hur horribul akshuns is to scare hur with owr vishus hunting teckneeks. Please note: owr lady was not harmed in this vishus display of owr displeasure.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Turrific Tuesday--Rode Trip

Today is a Turrific Tuesday fur us! Gramma and Grampa agreed to take us back to the mitten state in the bloo moovabul mashene. We can't wait!
We've been prakticing owr driving....Rosie drives vary slow and karefullie like a silly gurlcat. Can yoo believe she has YET to hit anything?? She needs to be a lot more aggressive like Skeezix and Toonces!
I, Cheeto, drive like a NASCAT of course.
The only bad news is that owr lady is going to have to protekt hurself while we live with Gramma and Grampa in the mittun state fur a cupple of weeks.
She says she's got to find a 'partmunt and moove in. We think she'll be ok without us, but just in case we've loaded hur up with Mao and...errr, Rocky's VD Repellant and gave hur MANcat tips frum Kismet's past posts.
We gotta get bak to prakticing owr driving. Tee-minus 9 days frum today!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Were Being Diskriminated Against

This past week weve been packing owr toys and getting ready for the BIG move to ShyTown. Owr lady called the airlines to make sure we had two first class seets in the moovabul birdie and thay told us we were TOO FAT to fly! Isnt that ill leegul to diskrimunate against FAT kitties?To lose waight weve been werking owt a lot,
but wure just building mussuls, not loosing wayt

Thay said we culd fly in the belly with the blak box. Have any of yoo flown in the birdie belly befour? If so, were yoo ok? As a last resort (ohhh, a resort!), gramma and grampa said thay wuld drive us to the mittun state. We’d like yer thawts on what we shuld tell owr lady we want to do?