Thursday, November 23, 2006

Luk for the three amigos!!

Owr lady went to celebrate thanksgiving in Dubbl-in. We asked hur if that ment thare were going to be two of hur when she got back....she said no. *sigh*

But get this, we luked up whare dubbl-in is and its RITE NEXT to the "Valley", whare one of owr best friends, Skeezix lives!!!

Since Skeezix is gone we made sure to give owr lady some of owr turkey and giblets to give to the three amigos in the Valley (Mao, Rocky and Trip). We don’t know if owr lady saw them on hur travels to Dubbl-in but if so, enjoy the turkie and giblets boyz!

UPDATE: Owr lady did not see Mao, Rocky and Trip while she was travuling to Dubbl-in. Thay must have been inside trying on Skeezix's clowse or outside rolling arownd in Rocky's catmint.

We fownd owt owr lady drove by the "valley" exit but didn't stop to luk for Mao, Rocky and Trip. What what she thinking? How on eurth did she eggspect to give the turkie and giblets to owr frends!?!?


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we knows ware those places is, on account of the Lady passes 'em ta vizzit her sister. maybe next time she's up thare she could say hi ta you two too.

Anonymous said...

Dublin sounds nice.Mom wishes she could take a vacation.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa- Yer lady has a sistur ovur thare! Wow, it must be a totallie cul place. We live in the "BIG" city a cupple inches away frum dubbl-in and Castro yoo know whare that is?!?!

Ariel- Yeah, owr lady says Dubbl-in has vary nice turkey and gravey. What more culd yoo ask fur on a vacashun!?

Gattina said...

I have a proposition to make if you could read it on
Have got this idea yesterday going from Blog to Blog for Thursday 13 group !

Eric and Flynn said...

Deer Rosie, I am reely looking furrwerd to teleporting ofurr an seeing yoo at the weekend. I haf been saving all the mousies that Flynn has cawt an put them in the big cold box so thay keep fresh.Grr is visiting Flynn furr the weekend an on Monday Cocoa an Midnight are coming ofurr so I can show them the fezzunts an get sum fev-vers. I wuz wundering if maybe yoo wud like to come back wiv me on Monday an we cud all haf a party, an play wiv the fev-vers togevver.
Headbutts Eric

Anonymous said...

They might have been hiding in Skeezix's tunnel, hiding and playing!

Those places are kind of far away from New Mexico!

Eric and Flynn said...

Deer Rosie,
Yoo got 50 pownds of nip??? That's enuff furr all the blogging kitties, efunn enuff furr all the kitties in the hole werld. I luv nip so yeah that wud be gud if yoo bring some wiv yoo.Flynn will be heer on Monday too an he's hoping Grr will be lowd to stay till then. If yoo want to ask Cheeto, he can come too if he wants.We haf got loads of Tem-tay-shuns an I'm sending mum out to get eckstra Stinky Goodness. I told her to get the best sort she can find. So we can go owt in the feelds ferst an then party after.I can't wait to meat yoo Rosie
Purrs an headbutts in an-tissy-pay-shun Eric

Anonymous said...

Rosie and Cheeto ... Thanks for going to visit our cousin Shadow's bloggie ... He was furry proud to have comments from such distinguished bloggers as yourselves.
Meows and purrs,
DaisyMae Maus

Anonymous said...

Win I herd yer ladey was hedding in owr direkshun, I hedded to the hiway exit to find her car becuz it's hard to find the way to owr howse becuz thare's many curvy streets. But I got turnd arownd and ended up on the roof of a howse, and the man had to clime up and git me, and now I'm in the (exkyooze the ixpresshun) dawg howse. And me and Rocky still didn't git any turkeey and giblits.

Tripper the Psyko Stray Cat said...

I wated and wated for the turkey and giblets and no one ever came. In fakt, no one was home at my howse, eether. I was lonely and a littul hungrey. It's not nice to promis stuff and then drive on down the freeway withowt stopping by. Wood a reely gud map help? Wood she mind dropping by tomorrow?