Thursday, August 31, 2006

What in the Wurld?

First of all, we adveyes no cat to do the following stunt. This littul guy is eithur vary brave or vary nieeve and he ovviouslie doesnt mind a littul earwax. Rosie luvs earwax by the way.

What do yoo think? Wuld yoo do this?
We wuld also adveyes yoo to be vary careful when drinking owt of a pursuns glass.

Thay have these things cauld thums on thair peeple paws. These thums help them hould stuff. We kitties dont have thums so we dig owr heads into things and risk getting stuck like this pour pour kittie.

Have yoo evur gotten stuck in sumthing?
Glass? drawur? Sowfa? Elefant? Do tell....


The Meezers said...

i gotted stuck in the cabinet once. - Sammy

Jake and Bathsheba said...

To answer your first question, no, I would not do that. I DO NOT like dogs.

As for getting stuck, I never get stuck IN things, but I've gotten stuck ON things. Having extra toes means I have extra claws, and they're not all in the right places. Sometimes I get my paw stuck to the carpet, or the scratching post, or to the afghan on the bed. I curse and swear (hiss and growl) and try to extricate myself. I even bite Mom when she tries to help, and believe me, I do need the help.

The solution is for Mom to give me a pedicure, but I put up such a fuss that Mom is afraid of me. I'm worse than Skeezix's vishus deer when someone touches my paws. Mom has now begun to wrap my head in a towel, so I cannot bite, and wrap all my of other paws in another towel, so I can't kick and scratch. I like the end result (no getting stuck on things), but I cannot tolerate the means.

~ Bathsheba

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow Bathsheba...we had no idea yoo culd get stuck ON things!! It sownds like yoo are doing a grate job of eggspressing how yoo feel to yer lady.

By the way, yer blog luks grate. Vary Vary nice!!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Bathsheba -- I do IXAKTLY the same thing win I git a pawdicure! Mr Tasty Face sez "Time for burrito boy," and he wraps me in a blankit so I can't git out or move any part of my skinny body, and then I, too, become very vishus-deerlike and I claw anything I can git my paws on. I HATE pawdicures worse than anything on erth.

Maobert Nichols said...

I git stuk in garajes that are not attached to the howse ware I live. Sumtimes for days. Good thing I posess a very lowd set of lungs!

Kitty Cats Corner said...

Uhhhhh I tink those cats have had a little tooo much catnip.

They've done lost their mind!

Purrs - Your friends over @ The Kitty Cats Corner

Eric and Flynn said...

We don't like woofies, so we mite bite his ee-ers. Eric got stuck up a tree once when we was little kitties, an dad had to climb up an get him. We do't haf peddykewurrs. cos we does lots of climbing an claw sharperning when we is outdoors, so our claws stay short. (An mum says furry sharp) We says they needs to be sharp cos of the vishus deer who lives in our bottom field.

Latte said...

I get stuck all sorts of places. I get stuck inside the couch a lot. Then I scream to get out.

Apparently I got stuck in a closet the other day for 20 minutes after meowmy shut me in. The Chip Man found me and I just walked out like nothing happened.

THE ZOO said...

i onced gotted stuck in the desk in the office. its big. i opened the drwer climbed in and went bhind the drawer. i took the beens firty mintutes to get me out. benoit.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I like the way the littul cat hoo is with the dawg is smiling. Obveeusly, he duzn't reelize he's in danger of beeing eeten. Mr TF thot it was a kyoot foto, but I'm werried for the kitty. Do yoo know if he got eeten? If not, that dawg's ear flap makes a nice blankit. Why do I git made fun of for my big ears win dawgs have ginormous ears that are way huge-er than mine and Kaze's?

Eclair said...

Hi Cheeto and Rosie!
I niver bin arownd a big dawg like that so it luks kinda cozee to me. He shure has big floppee earz! Wud he reely eet that littul kitty? That wud be verry bad!

I hafint gottin stuck in ennythin..yet..but yestiday I slipt off the foodlaydee's bookshef by her compootur and fell into a garbaj can! I jumpt owt reel fast becuz it wuz verry embairissin! I dunt think my foodlaydee beleevd I did it on purrrpis.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

I got stuck unner the bed once. I was playing with Cocoa an I wasn't watching where I was going an I ran headfirst into a wall. But that's not where I got stuck. There's more. I was so scared I ran unner the Quiet Girl's bed an hid in the corner. Then I guess I knocked inta sum stuff (those teenagers are messy ones) on my way unner the bed an it blocked my path an I couldn't get out an the people had ta lift up the whole bed an get me. After that I went ta hide unner a table but I wasn't stuck any more I was just hidin cause my head hurt. The Blonde Girl tried ta get me ta come out wif treats, but I wouldn't budge. Then my brofur Cocoa (who's annoying but not so bad I guess) actually PICKED UP TREATS WIF HIS MOUF and BROUGHT THEM TO ME. He dropped 'em in front of me where I was hidin an growlin (cause I'm hurt, remember?). Wasn't that nice of him? Oh, what was yur question? Stuck? That's a yes. Dog? That's a no.

Anonymous said...

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