Sunday, May 13, 2007

Seven Random Facts -We Were Tagged!

Wow, we've been tagged by Eric & Flynn, Ariel, Mrs. B, William and Jake & Bathsheba to provide yoo with seven randum facts.
1. If I wasn't here we'd starve. Every morning I meow until we get fed.
2.During my rode trip frum the mittun state to the sunny-shiney state, I only stopped screaming if my belly was lying against the lady.
3. I have a left eye cloud. It duesn't hurt, I just can't see purfectly.

4. My jetpak is ecofriendly so my visits to Eric don't ruin the eurth.
5. When the morning alarm goes off I make biscuits. It's a vary challenging job when the snooze buttun goes off a zillion times.
6. I'm a boxer and spar with Rosie...she doesn't like boxing. hehe
7. I like being bare furred. I whare a shurt fur one occashun only!

Ummm, we tag evaryone who hasn't been tagged!!! Is that yoo?!?!?!
Pee-Ess: Thanks fur baring with us and knowing that we will be supur active bloggurs soon!!!


Daisy said...

Those are some good facts! Rosie, you have a very important job making sure the food comes every morning. Cheeto, I like to spar too! But Pixie hasn't learned how to box back very well.

Halloween said...

Hi Rosie and Cheeto. Rosie, I am a tortie just like you! We are neighbors too! Do you ever go outside? Since I was born outside, I have always been an indoor and outdoor cat. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Outside!?!?! Wow, yer supur brave! I've onlie smelled owtside frum the cat t.v. when the screen is on.

Jeter and Mickey said...

Dear Rosie,
If I wasn't here we'd starve!
I wake Mom up early so she can get us fed every morning!

Dragonheart said...

I enjoyed learning more about you both. :) Rosie, I bug my humans for food in the morning too. Cheeto, I like boxing too, but I don't have anyone to box with at the moment.

Suzanne said...

hi there...
i have a cloudy eye, too. sometimes you can see it in my pictures. the v-e-t says that's how she can tell i'm not a kitten (even though i'm kitten-sized).


Parker said...

I have the same job in the morning. It is very important that Mommy and Daddy feed us the SECOND they get out of bed!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Great facts! You were very brave to move that far with your mom!


Eric and Flynn said...

Rosie, I thought yer cloudy eye wuz when yoo wuz going all misty eyed wiv yer love furr me. Yoo are furry reesponsybull making yer jet pack eeko frendly. See yoo soon my little love bug.
Purrrrs Eric x x

William said...

That was a great list, guys! Sounds like you have the food and wakeup things down pat!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We always like knowing more facts about two of our bestest friends.


Cheeto, Bathsheba never seems to appreciate it when I give her the slam dunk as Mom prepares our dinners. Girls!


Skeezix said...

Rosie, I know whut yoo meen abowt the snooze alarm --- the FL's goze off a SQWILLYUN times evry morning: vary annoying! (Mr TF, OTOP, duzn't unnderstand why sumwun woodn't leep owt of bed the vary second the alarm goze off.)

Faz the Cat said...

What a tag team you are. FAZ

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Good lists! I'm very very glad to hear you're OK.
Great job waking up the beans AND being ecofriendly Rosie. I'm glad your eye doesn't hurt. As long as you can find the food, you're all good.
You are quite the man cat Cheeto. Boxers are tough! Making biscuits is a very important duty. Keep it up! I like being bare furred too (except my bandannas, sometimes)

The Crew said...

You know Cheeto, you did look very manly in that shirt, but I agree with you. I don't think I'd let Mom put a shirt on me without putting up a fight. Maybe it's something that has to be started when you're a baby.

Maxwell Smartkitty

Anni said...

Great to get to know you both better. We're in the Mitten State, sorry we missed you when you were here.

Happy CoT!

srp said...

Isn't it hard to wake those humans up? Mine sleep too hard. They are too slow getting the food.

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Wow, it was nice to get to know some facts about you. I've added you to my blogroll so I can come back and visit all the time! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you were out here. I was just today saying that we needed to get out and know more kitties.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie and Cheeto,

Those are some great facts.Rosie I love # 2 on your list so sweet.
Cheeto me and you are the same when
it comes to # 7 guess that makes us

One of us said...

It's good to haf envirofriendly stuff, huh. Wow those are interesting facts you two ~poiland tribe