Sunday, May 20, 2007

Peeple vs. Cat TeeVee

Peeple TeeVee

Sumetimes strange animuls visit us on the peeple teevee. These animuls (above) stopped by fur two howrs and left. They seem vary nice but I don't think thay blog.
Cat TeeVee

My Cat teevee has a lot of regulurs. Mostlie peeple and woofies. Thare's also a BIG wite moovabul mashene that eats peeple up and spits them owt. This mashene duesn't eat woofies, only peeple.
What's yer favurite TeeVee?


Anonymous said...

Mine's the kitchen window.We have alot of birdies and some squirrels.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We love our big screen cat TV in surround view, but it's even BETTER when we appear on reality cat TV! Sometimes Bathsheba has to watch ME on cat TV.


Suzanne said...

hmmm. i like to watch the computer monitor when mama visits all the bloggies. i cuddle under arm while she surfs and writes. i also like to watch the birdies out on the golf course.


Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Rosie and Cheeto!!

We had a cat video once but we couldn't focus on it. We like to watch the mouse arrow move on the computer screen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a nice day.

love, Pearl

Eric and Flynn said...

We like bofe tee vees. On the cat tee vee we can see fev-vers all the time and we can see peeple wiv theer horsies. We've nefurr seen a big white masheen that eets peeple though. Hope it duzn't come here cuz we don't want our Beans eatid. We like the peeple tee vee too cuz we can see uvver fings like meerkats and fings that we don't know what they are but that look yummy.
Rosie it wuz very good of yoo to lend Mao yer jetpack but I hope he duzn't keep it too long cuz I'll miss yoo. I fink I'll haf to teleport ofurr tomorrow cuz I miss yoo alreddy.
Love furrom yer cuddly hubby Eric x x

Dragonheart said...

We have a huge window along one entire wall in our living room, so I like sitting there and watching all the birdies outside.

Parker said...

The Back Porch! There are a lot of birdies and squirrles to chitter at! I like that TV the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosie and Cheeto,

I've tagged you for a favorite's Meme
please go to my blog and see.

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

don't forget the blue box that lives outside that people feed!!
I like BOTH TeeVees.

Daisy said...

I think cat TV is the funnest and best TV.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

My favorite channel is 24/7 squirrels. They seem to always be on and doing some interesting stuff.


Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

We like the cat TV mostly, but the people TV is okay, especially when Mommy and Daddy watch Meerkat Manor. The furballs and I like that one alot! Most of the rest of what Mommy watches isn't very interesting to us, except the fast cars. Those are cool too.

Gattina said...

I am convinced that you cats prefer the big window TV ! although Arthur likes to watch golf or tennis and when the ball rolls out of the screen he would look under the cupboard to find it ! very much to the laughter of his owners !

FelineFrisky said...

Tucker & Punkin LOVE our Kitty TV's - there's a huge one in the front of the house, where there's a lot of activity - rolling machines with peeple's in them and peeple's walking with thier woofies. There are bunnies & snakes to watch, too! Then there is a room full of windows where the sun shines in, there are birdies & squirrelens to watch. There are TV's in the bedroom, too - we can watch the peeple's use loud machines to ride around on our grass once a week.

Blessing likes the 'puter screen cause he's got old eyes. He likes the moving parts of the screen. Oh well!

D :)

We just LOVE kitty TV

Lux said...

Any window is my TV ... but especially the one by the computer.

Caesar and Princess said...

Birdhouse tv... we have a big window with a bluebird house outside... it is the best thing to watch.


Junior said...

Hi Rosie! Hi Cheeto! I'm finally back! I watch cat tv more than people tv...although now and then some interesting sounds come from the people tv.