Thursday, April 03, 2008

Were Being Diskriminated Against

This past week weve been packing owr toys and getting ready for the BIG move to ShyTown. Owr lady called the airlines to make sure we had two first class seets in the moovabul birdie and thay told us we were TOO FAT to fly! Isnt that ill leegul to diskrimunate against FAT kitties?To lose waight weve been werking owt a lot,
but wure just building mussuls, not loosing wayt

Thay said we culd fly in the belly with the blak box. Have any of yoo flown in the birdie belly befour? If so, were yoo ok? As a last resort (ohhh, a resort!), gramma and grampa said thay wuld drive us to the mittun state. We’d like yer thawts on what we shuld tell owr lady we want to do?


Skeezy said...

I'm gonna let the Food Lady comment cuz she knows more abowt this kinda stuff:

"If Rosie and Cheeto are pretty good in the car (like Skeezix is), then I would opt for driving. Call me crazy (yer crazy!) but I've read one too many stories about animals who get loose, or are thrown this way and that or who are never the same after a flight in the belly of the beast (AND HELLO, DID YOU EVER WATCH SNAKES ON A PLANE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT POOR MEEZER?). From a cat's perspective, I think they would be terrified cuz it's loud and they don't know what's going on and you won't be by their sides to comfort them.

"With that said, it's not inhumane, and animals do it all the time. Best Friends ships animals by plane all over the place. It's just that my imagination shifts into overdrive when I consider doing it myself.

"Either way you go, I highly recommend doping them up to take the edge off. Yes, I know that sounds awful, but they'll sleep right through it, wake up in Chicago, and then everybody can grab a cab to Gino's East for pizza."

So thare yoo have it. Yer gramma and grampa are vary brave to volunteer to drive yoo!!! Will yoo be abul to blog beefore yoo leeve??

Skeezy said...

Pee Ess -- Is the issue that yer cat carrier isn't small enuf to fit under the seet? Cuz we've got sum small ones -- the fit mite be tite, but I think they fit under an airline seet, and yer welcome to borrow them.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What is up with this too fat? They ought to put you in first class then.

My person agrees with Skeezix' lady. She'd drive (even with a meezer like me) Apparently her imagination runs along the same lines as the Food Lady's!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Thanks fur the offur, Skeezix. Supur nice.

Unforchunatelie thay diskriminate against both cats AND PTUs. Cats and PTUs waying 15 pounds or more are ellgibul to join in owr upcoming fat cat diskriminashun lawsuit.

Skeezy said...

The FL and Mr TF have bin talking abowt yer sichyuayshun tonite and Mr TF sez yoo shood fly in the berdie belly. He sez thare arn't as many ways to get loose as thare are at rest stops like the grate Chuck Erreca Rest Stop.

Christine and FAZ said...

I would take the advice of the Skeezemeister as we have not experience outside the car. FAZ

Gattina said...

My cats never travelled in a birdie belly either, but friends of mine took their cats with them to Spain. They had a nice comfortable travel cage with food and water and it went very well but they gave the cats some tranquillizers which the vet had prescribed.
If you want to laugh look at the video cartoon on my blog it's too cute !

Riley & Tiki said...

That birdie belly thing sounds scary to us. We think you should get your own seat in first class!

Anonymous said...

I say drive with the grandparents
I read to many horror stories it dangerous for us pets to fly.

Daisy said...

I have traveled by plane two times. Both times, Pixie and I flew in our soft-sided Sherpa carriers which fit well under the seats. But I think you will be okay flying in the belly if you have to.

We were more worried about getting through airport security. You must get taken out of your carrier. Then the carrier goes through the x-ray machine, and you get carried through the metal detector by your mom. My Mommie was very worried that Pixie and/or I would get scairt being around all those people in the airport and maybe run away and get lost in there.

Both times, we asked the TSA workers if we could be privately screened. My Mommie and Daddie were taken to a little office, with us in our carriers. They took us out of our carriers and actually PATTED US DOWN! It was very funny. Then, while we waited in the room, they ran the carriers through the x-ray machine. The TSA workers were very nice to us, and we sent them a thank you by e-mail.

Traveling is a little bit stressful! We usually get a hotel room for the day or two the movers are packing and moving stuff, and for the day or two at the new place before everything gets settled in. We just wait there in comfort until all the chaos has died down.

Good luck with everything!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

I think you've had some great advice! I don't think I could do the belly of a plane, I'd have a heart attack- seriously! I know that my uncle cat flew here from Germany in 1st class but he was a kitten and us OSH cats don't weigh a ton (I'm big for us and I weigh 9 lbs). I'd go for driving if I were you. Chase LOVES long car idea why. He gets all excited about them 'cause he used to drive from MA to NJ like 2 times a month when he was younger.


Camie's Kitties said...

While we personally have never flown in the belly of the plane, when Mom moved from GA to Germany and then from Germany back to CA, the cats and dogs that came before flew that way. Everyone was fine, but she said they did tranq. the cats. You might want to check and see if you can fly together in one carrier (if you get along that well).

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Eric and Flynn said...

Rosie!! My cinnamon coated apple pastry. I couldn't beeleev what I wuz reading. how could they say you wuz too fat!! We haf never been in a birdie's belly so we don't know what to advise. (We've had birdies in our bellies though)Could you use yer jetpack to get there?

Karen Jo said...

I don't know anything about getting cats from one place to another, so I can't help. I hope you have a good trip however you get there. Rosie, I am very glad that you like your limerick.

Halloween said...

Hi Rosie and Cheeto. We are sad you are leaving beautiful SF, but Shytown is a lot of fun and mittenland is very pretty too. The ride in the big birdie does not seem good to me. Loud noises totally freak me out so I would have to go in the car. That's just me though. Your people will do what's best for you. Please be sure to tell us all about your traveling adventures.

Purrs, Halloween

Anonymous said...
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Boy said...

Too fat!? That's pure discwimination! I haven't fwown anywhere before, but the bewwy of the moovabul birdie sounds scawy. Many have done that and survived though, so I don't know.
Me, I would opt to walk over.
What Mummy, some pwaces are too far for me to walk? Well, you cawwy me then!

Lux said...

We don't know anything about flying, although I'd be ascared. Best wishes with however you decide to go!

Quasi said...

My human agrees with Skeezy's lady. Hey, maybe if you go by car, you could get your Gran & Gramps to give you some fun tranquilizers and then you can help them drive!

Skeezy said...

Rosie and Cheeto, good luk on yer trip!!!! Are yoo going in da berdie or in da car??? If yoo go in the car, don't furgit to ask yer gramma and grampa to let yoo drive!!!!! We love yoo guys!!!! Good Luk!!!!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Thanks yoo all!! Yer the kulest best friends evur.

We told owr lady we wanted to go on a road trip with gramma and grampa and she said yes. Yay! We've begun paking up the temptayshons and learning how to drive.

Were taking intensive "how too" driving lessuns fur the next week and a half! T-minus 11 days til it's NASCAT time!

Parker said...

I agreaa with Skeezy's FL - I am glad you are driving. The belly of a plane is scary and the air pressure is different.
Good luck and you're gonna love Chi town!

Junior said...

I am aghast that they say you are to big to fly with your Mom! I wouldn't want to go in the belly of the machine, and I don't think Meowm would let me go that way.

Meowm worries about kitties being doped up cause if they get to much dope and they throw up, they could drown in their own throw up. I don't know if this actually happens, but it is something that worries Meowm.

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hi Rosie and Cheeto -

We missed this discussion, but we're glad that your gramma and grampa are going to drive you. We have never flown and don't want to. When Mom thought that we might move to California, she never considered flying us there. Either trip is very scary to us. I guess you both drove cross country from Florida a few years ago, so long car rides might go okay.

We wish you the best for your trip. We love you all and hope that you will love your new home in Shy-town.


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