Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rosie's Wordless Wednesday

EMURGUNCIE!!!! Cheeto and I are having problums with the werd verifucashun on othur blogs! Don't think were ignoring yoo all! -Rosie

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Space Squid!

Luk at this creechur thay fownd in Aunt Artica’s place. It’s got TONS of tennticuls and thay say it’s a sych-a-dell-ic ocktapuss.

We asked what sych-a-dell-ic meant and owr lady said it was a thing in 1960 that peeple who found a Hated Ashberry used to hang owt with. WOW, this ocktapuss must have grate stories to tell cause he’s 40 yeers oldur than us!

Do yoo think his Aunt Artica lets him blog? If so, we shuld all add him to owr list of blogging friends! I bet he’s a grate typur with all of his paws!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mr. Litturbox Contest Entry - Cheeto

I'm vary late with my contest entrie to Zeus Mr. Litturbox competitshun. If I am disqualified due to my tardieness it's ok cause it was my lady's fault. She was busy helping owt hur boyfriend Mr. Werk...Hrumph!

I decided to entur all three catagories with one entrie!!
Formal - Pleeze note my tuxido
Strength - Pleeze note my waight and my thawts while I werk owt
Talent - Pleeze note how I keep my cul while my lady teeses me with the mowsie

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tuxedo Thursday - Whose Yer Daddy?

Wow, check owt these tuxedo kitties.

Thay all have a stripe in eggsactly the same place on thare backs

and thay don't luk anything like thare mommy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mopey Monday - How To Make Them Stay

Owr lady left us last weekend. She packed hur bag and dissapeared fur two whole days! I knew it was coming when I saw the BIG black box, so I tried to do evarything I culd to make hur stay.

I sat on danjerous, hot, firey things hoping she would werry to much to leeve me alone

I even sat on the BIG black box and refused to get off...

Do yoo all have any othur sujjeshstuns on how to make owr lady nevur leeve again!?!?! -Rosie

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goles are vary importunt

This weekend my lady’s gole is to update hur goles. We decided to teech hur how by preparing owr goles. Get ready innernets, cause these are deep thawts!
I will sneek up on rosie when she’s sleeping on my lady at 4 a.m. It’s importunt to maintain a rooteen and do this evary nite.

I will nock ovur all cups that have at leest a little bit of likquid in them. I will judge my suggsess by the amownt of likquid in the cup and the lowdness levul of my lady’s voice when she says “No, No Cheeto!”
I will nevur stop screeming to eggspress how I feel. At leest once a week I will make my lady say sumthing like this: “What’s that Rosie? Timmy’s trapped in the barn?”

I will always be nice to othurs. Just like Rascal is nice to his friends by sleeping fur comments and Ariel is nice to hur lady even thou she knows shes far supeeryer!

Do yoo have goles of yer own? Do tell!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

One Big Kitty Futt

This is a vary handum Bengal kitty who lives in a zoo place called Bwainoos Arees, Arginteena.
Do yoo think he blogs?!?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cheeto's Valuntine to Mrs. B **purr**

A Valuntine to the most beeeeutiful curvashus beeeeuty in the whole wurld.
Scratch that, the most beeeeutiful curvashus beeeeuty in the

Don't furget to check owt
Mrs. B's valuntine to Cheeto &
Rosie's Valuntine to Eric

Sunday, February 04, 2007

She Said YES!

Evur sense I put up the below post, I was holding my breath wayting fur a response. Late last nite I passed owt frum lack of oxigen.

This morning Rosie anministured C-P-R, after taking time owt frum preparing a jetpack so she can visit her handum europ-pea-in hubby ERIC, and told me the best news evur...

Mrs. B said YES!!

Gotta start werking on my valuntines prep fur the VD contest.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cheeto's Saturday Seven

I consulted with othur cat bloggurs who are eggspurts in the luv departmunt and thay said I should prepare a powst to find my purrfect valuntine. Here are my ideal characturistics:

1. Curvashus with BIG green eyes and beautiful B&W coluring
2. Likes to sleep A LOT and luvs pillows
3. Gives up her catcup fur a kittie who used to lived with hur
4. Gets what she wants with dedicated determinashun
5. Tells emoshunal stories abowt hur gotcha day
6. Holds grate competishuns with hur brother
7. Here's a picktur I drew (not reely) of my IDEAL valuntine

Cheeto - Do yoo know who culd be my purrfect valuntine, Rosie?
Rosie- Mrs. B, Mrs. B fits evarything yer luking fur in a valuntine