Saturday, December 29, 2007

Owr Friends Names!

Hey Y, lets have a little fun with owr friends names!

Ok, . Lets do it.

Her politikul sistur is running fur prez in 08...


Heres a traveling chrissmas gurlcat...


And chek owt this hot hot gurlcat...
And owr frisky meezur buddy…

And she SCORED big on chrissmas…


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boxer Bud Leaves to Nail Corn

This in one of my gud friends, Boxer Bud. Boxer Bud and my lady must know all abowt nip cause thay went to a place called “hi” skool togethur. Don’t ask hur abowt it cause she just shakes hur head and says “no, Cheeto, that’s not correct”
Anyway, I luv Boxer Boy cause we spar togethur. I usuallie win because I have hyoomungus bulging mussles as yoo can see.

Here I am exekyooting a sneek attak. This is a vary intense MANcat move.

And here we are boxing soooo fast evun the flashie thing culdn’t capshur the akshun.

Boxer Bud is going to lurn how to nail corn at brad skool (maybe with Kismet’s lady?!?). He must read things backwards cause when yoo ask him whare he’s going he says brad skool at Corn-Nell, not Nailing-Corn at brad skool. I dont know why nailing corn wuld be gud to know, but perhaps Brad (Mr. Skool) can help him make yoose of this strange trade.

I’m going to miss yoo, Boxer Bud! I hope yoo lurn ALL abowt corn and how to nail it to things. Have fun at Nailing Corn at Brad Skool, or as yoo will probably say brad skool at Corn-Nail.

Monday, December 03, 2007


Fur My Europeein Dubble-Chokolate Truffle Eric

Clowse up of my gooooooaaaaaalllllllll