Sunday, December 13, 2009

Off-Rodeing with the Furry Rodent

We have yet to akksept the furry rodent as cat in this familie. As yoo can plainlie see Shelby is too small to be a cat like us so he is still a furry rodent.

We did catch Shelby doing something onlie BIG MANCAT's do and that's go off-rodeing in the red mashine. Obviouslie Shelby doesn't have his liscense so he culd go to jail and be fined a squillion dollars and we'd have to bail him owt. He's defunatelie in that teenage rebelious stage.

We let Shelby off with a stern warning and a paw bop on the head. Hopefullie he lurned his lesson so he dussent do it again and have to go to jails!