Monday, August 09, 2010


OMC! We got mail from owr Bestest friend Skeezix! His lady’s Boobies are walking a looooong distance with a bunch of othur boobies. Bekause she suks at fundraising we stole owr lady’s plastik card and donated and WON a random boobie donation drawing!

It came with a beeeeutiful pink ensembul from the man in bloo shorts…

And it had a frisbee to distract the woofie monstur from eating us…

And then us boyz tried on the boxurs with the tale hole
I musta gotten fat ovurnite cause my attempt was a lost cawse…

The Furry Rodent faired a littul bettur but he prefurred to go commando in the end…

Rosie wore hur faaaaabyoolous owtfit she got from skeezix! As yoo can see she luks Raaaavishing. Sadlie this was taken before she got hur boa and shades on…

Than Rosie got vary distrakted when she saw the BONER BLANKIE…

Unforchunatelie the blankie quicklie became ovur populated by the furry rodent…

But once she reklaimed the boner blankie she drooled all ovur it as yoo can see frum this video to make sure the furry rodent knew it was ROSIE'S TURF!!

THANK YOO SOOOOO MUCH SKEEZIX & YER FOOD LADY’S BOOBIES!! Here’s the link to donate to Skeezix’s Food Lady’s Boobie walk:

Lastlie wure sorry haven’t been blogging latelie. We’ve gotten into twittur whare we tweet several times a day. Here's owr twitter page:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thare's A Woofie Monstur

Thare's something new and furry living in the SAME howse as us. We don't know what it is but we have accumyoolated some vary important clues:
1. It makes "mistakes" and pees IN the howse but NOT in the litturbox. How undignified!
2. It is furry like us and makes lowd woofie noises if we try to nom its foods.
3. It's name is "Yer A Good Boy, Rockford" cause it seems to respond to that.

We ignore "Yer A Good Boy, Rockford" but the Furry Rodent Shelby enjoys making contact with him. Here is the Furry Rodent "playing" with the Woofie Monster

And this video evidence was taken on the first day "Yer A Good Boy, Rockford" came to live with us. He was vary tired and sleeping so the Furry Rodent decided to investigate. Here's the yootube if yoo can't see it.

We have HIGH hopes that someday this Woofie Monstur will decide to eat the Furry Rodent. Until then, we will continue owr investigation as to what this THING is...

Friday, April 30, 2010

It was a nice nite until....

Me and Rosie are best friends. Even though I am a FIERCE MANCAT there is still a teddie bare side to my purrsonalitie. I like to cuddle and to have my ears cleaned so I can hear bad peepul and protect my domain.

Here I am relaxing with my buddie Rosie when outta NO WHARE the furry rodent attacks! It's not vary good quality, but yoo can clearly see the feroshus attack.

If yoo are having trouble seeing the video here is the yootube link.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Showur Time

NO NEED to check the showur. Thare's nothing in thare. I repeat, thare is NOT a furry rodent in the showur.

Pleeze turn the showur on RITE NOW! hehehehe

Friday, March 12, 2010

Do Not Disturb The Furry Donuts with Ears

Hi, yoo have reached the two furry donuts with ears

we are unavailable rite now, but please leave yer name and...

OH WAIT, we meant to stop with "please leave"

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sumo the Squirrel

This is owr friend Sumo the Squirrel. Sumo has enjoyed one too many sunchips, peanuts, capt'n crunch berries and crackers.

Here we are saying hello to Sumo and inviting him inside. He is kinda rude cause he nevur aksepts owr invitations.

And here I am having a convursation with Sumo. We are vary friendlie and honest with eachothur.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The furry rodent may look innocent...

but DON'T be mistaken!
Luk at what he does in the middle of the nite waking EVARYTHING up in the howse...

He tries to suffokate me when I'm sleeping...

He has NO CLUE what purrsonal space is...

And he sleeps like a furry hyooman...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aftur Crunching The Numburs....

It appears I am missing a squillion treats from my belly.

Please give them to me now and I will not involve my legul department in the mattur.

Monday, January 11, 2010