Saturday, March 29, 2008

Famous Mancats Need BodyGuards

Rosie: I don't think I'm the right bodyguard fur yoo, Cheeto. I want to take a nap, not protekt yoo frum gurlcats.
Cheeto: Come on, Rosie. I need yoo to fend off the groopie gurlcats fighting to get a piece of this irresistabul cinnamin-swirlled mancatly body. Yoo have no clue what its like to be a faymously famous mancat prominatlie feechured on Miss Karen Jo's kitty limerick blog!
Cheeto: And yoo shuld probublie calling me by my aliases, Cheeto Swavay or Furry McCheeto.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The BIG Moove to Shy-Town

It's offishul, we are mooving to a Shy-town. We're not sure why cause we are vary vokal, but owr lady says it's a gud thing cause she met a grate Mr. Jahb and he lives thare. Plus, she said its clowsur to the mittun state which is whare gramma and grampa live...that meens more gram-hugs fur us. Yay!!
To prep fur the BIG moove here we are prakticing owr shyness. It's not easy as yoo can see...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rosie.............& Cheeto

Cheeto told me I could only post on even days ending in 1,3, 5,7 & 9. Since today is March 9, Cheeto insisted on being in today's picktur with me.Here are 3 things I hope Eric notices abowt me in this piktur:
1. my wite belly spot acsentuates my gurlish figure
2. Allthou I'm topless, I'm in a sekluded area whare mancats can't see
3. I have more colurs on my furs than a box of a squillion crayolla

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Take me to Temptayshuns, Showfurr

Here I am doing my MANCAT dooties-carefully inspecting fur vishus deer lurking the streets of San Francysko preparing to eat Rosie or my lady.
Look at what I found owtside…my OWN showfurr moovabul mashene waiting to take me whareevur I want to go.
Does anyone know how to get “owt thare” so I can tell my showfurr to take me on a rodetrip!?!