Monday, April 30, 2007

We're Famous Evarywhare!

Owr lady been gone these past 2 weekends and we wanted to know whare. We did what any detektive kitties wuld do. We luked thru hur piktur fone.
Whoa! She's been taking pikturs of butts?!?!

And luk at this vary vary still kitty
Thare must be a vishus deer arownd...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Fev-vur With A Funny Nose & A Gazillion Legs

Did yoo know fev-vurs in the Yoo-Kay (whare TONS of owr best friends live, inclooding Rosie's hubby) have funny noses and a Gazillion legs? Luk!

"The bad news is that Stumpy, a farm duck in Southampton, England, got a leg caught in a fence, and it had to be amputated. The good news is, he still has THREE LEFT. You see, the webbed-footed wonder was born with four legs."
- A Sekret Yoo-Kay Fev-vur Informunt

Monday, April 16, 2007

How to get PRIMO NIP!

Whew, we are recovuring frum a wild weekend withowt owr lady!
I was mad at furst and protested by hiding undur the covurs. Then the cat nanny tempted me with the unthinkabul, PRIMO NIP! It was all downhill (or uphill frum thare). I made homemade biskits evary day so the cat nanny wuld keep on giving us PRIMO NIP...and she did!
I got the PRIMO NIP by acting like the sweetest kitty evur! I engajed in girl talk while getting my fur groomed. I even told hur how wondurful my handsum mancat Eric is...purrrrrr!

We'd rite more, but we gotta catch up on headbutts, purrs and biskit making with owr lady!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Junior Hooked Us Up -Rosie

Arownd noon sumone disrupted owr sleep nocking with a pakage smelling like primo nip. Of corse we are to short to opun the door so we had to wayt a zillion howrs smelling the sweet smell of primo nip only inches clowse, yet so far away!
Latur that nite, when the nip pakage finalie made its way inside we dug in and fownd out it was frum the wondurful Junior fur placing thurd in his contest! (See the Junior signachur)

Cheeto went rite fur the nip blanket and toy...

I was a bit more digneefied and checked owt the box...

Then we got a little carried away...

Cheeto was stuck in this posishun fur a cupple of howrs...PRIMO NIP!
Thank yoo sooooo much Junior fur holding such a grate contest and getting us nipped up with grate nip toyz!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Busy Eastur Sunday

Rosie paked up hur temp-tay-shuns earlie this morning and left on hur jetpak to surprise hur hubby Eric fur his seventh burthday! Stop by and tell him and his brothur, Flynn happie burthday!

Meanwile, I'm exaustud from waiting all nite fur the Eastur Bunny to stuff my stocking with temp-tay-shuns. He nevur showed up this morning and his elves aren't ansuring thare fone!

I hope all the little beans that come to the door tonite dressed up as the Eastur Bunny are not disappointed because I have no temp-tay-shuns to hand owt! -Cheeto

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Beeeutiful Moseayk

Check owt the beeeutiful moseayk William's lady made. It must have taken a lot of time to purrfect this masturpeace! (Click here to luk at it in detale)...
The Moseayk


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tagged By Owr Buddies Jake and B'Sheba

How do you achieve balance in your life? We achieve balance by always being conchus of owr graceful posture and attacking eachothur when we are in narrow or extremelie hi places. We also get lots of sleep so we can be alurt when we balance.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life? Sumetimes owr lady thinks we are supur cute when we are balancing on narrow things and she puts hur unfurry paws arownd us and gives us a big bear hug (pleeze note, she is not a bear.)

What are your priorities? Sleep, fud, sleep, bathing, sleep, cuddling with eachothur (don't tell anyone), sleep, attacking things on the grownd, sleep, attaking eachothur, sleep, making biskuts, sleep, purrfecting our powncing techneeke, sleep, keeping up with owr innurnet frends, sleep, nocking randum things ovur, sleep.

How have your priorities changed over time and why? We dont think owr priorities have changed drasticully, instead thay have just gottun closur to purrfection...fur instance, we are bettur powncers, nockur ovurers, and attakurs. We also have fownd new hiding places to sleep so that mite be a big change.
We tag....Handsum Eric and Flynn, Mrs. B, Parker, the Cyclone family, Mr. Zenith, Fat Eric, Ariel...ummmm, thare are so many....we tag EVARYONE!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I’m Confused -Cheeto

Evary morning fur the past week I (Cheeto) have been making biscuits on my ladys bak when the alarm goes off. My lady calls me hur pursonul cat masuss and pushes snooze at leest two times evary morning. It’s soooo relaxing and I’ve made so many biscuits that I’m considering opuning my own biscuit shop!

This morning I got a little carried away and confused my lady fur my reel mommy. I gently started biting at my lady’s arm luking fur…well, yoo know **blush**.

My lady had a talk with me this afternoon and said she LUVS the morning bak massages but duesn’t think I shuld do them anymore. She said sumthing abowt confusing hur fur my reel mommy not being a gud idea...

Queshtun From Cheeto
Have yoo evur done anything like that to yer peeple befour? I’m soo embarrassed!

Sekret Note Frum Rosie
My lady asked me to quietly ask yoo if yer beans have any advice on how to deel with this sitchuashun? She luvs Cheeto and is starting to wurry his needy (and kneedy) behavior is cause fur concurn.

Aftur yoo comment on Cheeto's sitchuashun be sure to stop by Rascal's place and wish him a happy sevunth burthday!!! Aftur that, stop by Parker's place and wish his sisturs Puff and Powder happy burthday too! Wow, what grate burthday celebrashuns!