Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who To Ask?!?!

Hmmmmm, who shuld I ask to be my valuntine fur Skeezix's VD contest?!?!? Thare are sooo many pretty gurl kitties on the bloggosfere. Let me get into my best thinking position.


I haven't heard frum the BEEEUTIFUL Mrs. B in a long time! I thawt she furgot abowt me!
I wuld LUV to have hur as my Valuntine!!
Do yoo think she wuld say yes!?!
How do I ask hur?!?!?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Man Cat Monday AND Cats on Tuesday


In my effurts to be a BIG man cat like Kismet,
I've been watching Superman.
How do I luk as

BIG Man Cat Protecting My Lady Frum Shoo Strings, Fev-vur Butt Mowsies and Evarything Else That's Bad!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Furst Valentines Party And I Can't Go!

I was soooo eggsited when Eric **purr** invited me to my furst Valentines Party at BeauBeau and Angie's place on Feb. 10th. I started running arownd with eggsitement acting like I just had a whiff of the gud nip frum Rocky the Guttur Cat!!

When I told my lady abowt my furst valentine party invite she said I culdn't go cause she already made plans and I need a purson chapurone to teleport. I've been dreaming abowt seeing Eric **purr** evur sense...

Eric- I'm werking hard to get ovur my dislike of watur so I can swim ovur the "see" and visit yoo **purr** in the UK soon! -Rosie

Are yoo planning on having a Valentine?!?!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Best Sekret Spot Evur!

During wintur it can get vary cold, egspeshallie in San Francysco cause the peeple who built the city didnt do a gud job insoolayting. When my lady is arownd I cuddle with hur fur hur body heet, but I needed to find a gud place to hang owt when she went owt with hur boyfriend, mr. werk.

I discovered this grate sekret place up vary hi and neer the stove (not on the stove, that wuld be vary dangerous cause thares fire inside). This sekret place is deceiving at furst cause when the door opens it’s vary cold…but when it’s clowsed it’s the purrfect place to hang owt on top of! Just luk at how happie I am!!

Do yoo have a BEST SEKRET SPOT EVUR?!?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Marge's up-do

We were wanduring the innurnet and fownd this fev-vur named Marge.

Duesn't she luk luvly with hur hare-do!?!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Celabrate The Holiday!


Today (or whatevur day yer reading this) is
SAY SOMETHING NICE abowt a fellow cat bloggur day!

Rite yer nice mentchun in owr comment sekshun and we will update this post with yer name and who yoo wrote abowt.

Cheeto rote abowt Princess Pearl
Rosie rote abowt Mr. Zenith
Grr rote abowt us **blush**
Midnight rote abowt Luxor
Cocoa rote abowt Angel & Taz
Skeezix rote abowt Merlin, Kismet, Eclair and Jeter Harris
Sanjee rote abowt Jeter Harris
Kimo and Sabi rote abowt the Grate Cat Blogosphere Staff
Lux rote abowt Kaze, Daisy, William and Forty Paws
JetterHarris rote abowt Skeezix and Daisy
Abby rote abowt Sammy Meezer
Ping rote abowt Gemini
Boo rote abowt Miles
Jinx rote abowt Oreo
Daisy rote abowt Skeezix and Jeter Harris
DragonHeart rote abowt Chey, Luxor
Latte rote abowt DragonHeart
Kaze rote abowt Daisy
Chase rote abowt Grr, Midnight and Cocoa
George, Tipper, Max & Misty rote abowt Dragonheart
Pepi rote abowt Daisy
Hendrix rote abowt Sugar Pie Brandi & Grr, Midnight and Cocoa
Gemini rote abowt Ping
Chey rote abowt Latte, Lux and Dragonheart
Pearl rote abowt Mr. Zenith and Hatter
Cecilia rote abowt Merlin
Victor TC rote abowt Lone Star Purrs and Calico Girls
Bonnie rote abowt Singapurr
Grr rote abowt Flynn (ummm, Rosie adores Eric too)
Midnight rote abowt Ed, Les Trois Chats, Fat Eric, Fat Eddy and Missy, KC & Bear
Cocoa rote abowt Angie, Diva Kitty, DKM and the Tower Hill Mob
Sophia rote abowt Gree, Pepi, Calico girls, Timmy Wimmy, Slick, Max, Jasper, Ginger, Buss & Meep, Puff, Prince Muddy Paws and The Tiny Boy
Joaquin rote abowt Boo
The Fluffies rote abowt everyone who didn’t eat him!
Marley rote abowt Junior
Smeagol & Strider (misty and gismo) rote abowt Beau
Zippy, Sadie and Speedy rote abowt Daisy, Skeezix, Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, Lisaviolet
ML rote abowt Kat's Cat of the Day
Abby and the ManxGand rote abowt DivaKitty and the Cat Bloggosphere Reporturs
Merlin rote abowt Dobby and Daphne
Icon rote abowt Kimo and Sabi
Eric rote abowt Rosie **Rosie is blushing** and Rocky
Flynn rote abowt Grr (his gerlfriend), Skeezix, Midnite and Cocoa, and Jeter Harris
Millie rote abowt Daisy, Kimo and Sabi and Lux
Max rote abowt Oreo, Angle & Tax and Timothy Dickens
Cheeto rote abowt Jake
Rosie rote abowt Bathsheba
Kelly Cat rote abowt Luxor
Mia and Ghost rote abowt Prince Muddy Paws, Max, Calico Girls, HotMBC and DragonHeart
Lilly Lu rote abowt Daisy
Rocky rote abowt his spicy vixens (Sadie, DMM, Sanjee, Rosie and the othurs)
Daisy Mae rote abowt Skeezix, Grr, Midnite and Cocoa, Daisy, Kukka Maria, Diva Kitty and the Fluffies, Victor TC and Bonnie UF, Sammy and Miles, Junior Babee and us **blush**
Cheeto rote abowt Rascal
Rosie rote abowt Catzee

Whew, did we get them all!?! This is sooo cul to see everyone say such nice things!
Give yer kitty props!...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Rosie: Cheeto, luk what I got! I know it's mine cause it has my name on's misspelled but it's my name!!

Cheeto: Wow, what's this?
Rosie: Ummmm, hello Cheeto!?! It's MINE, luk at the label!

Cheeto: Luk at the exsepshinal mess I'm capuble of making with Rosie's yummy stuff!

Cheeto: It tastes SOOO gud and even makes me a little lite headed. MRAW!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Doo Yoo Take Pills Too??

Sumtimes when I hang owt with my lady she says I have been taking my "kyute pills". Evary once in a while she even says I've ovurdosed!!! I don't remembur taking "kyute pills" much less ovurdosing on them.

Do yoo take "kyute pills"? And if so, do yoo evur ovurdose on them? I'm a bit concurned. -Rosie

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3 days of owr sleeping habits

Fur the past three days owr lady has woken up, taken owt the flashy thing, and taken pickturs of us sleeping on hur. At furst we wure upset but then we noticed how cute we bowth luk when we sleep.

To akksentuate whare eggsactly we were sleeping on owr lady we have mapped owt hur body. Please note: in reel life she does not luk like a stick purrson with fev-vur legs.

Do yoo sleep on yer purrson once thay start making that hornblowur noise owt of thare mowth?