Sunday, September 28, 2008

Delivury Frum The Man In Bloo Shorts!

Luk what we got from the man in bloo shorts. A gud smelling pakage addressed to us from one of owr best friends, Skeezix!

Cheeto: Here I am whispering thank you to Skeezix who pursonallie stopped by in his leathur jacket (he was kinda quiet, but that’s ok)

Cheeto: I had a blast with the primo nip…maybe too much fun!?!

Rosie: On behaf of Cheeto (who is inkoherrant rite now) owr lady and me, THANK YOO Skeezix!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Confession From Cheeto - I'm A Baker!

Do Yoo Want a Biskit cause I was up ALL nite making biskits on my lady?

I’ve been vary dedicated to my new baking hobby. Twice my lady pushed me off her in the middul of the nite but I showed my dedikashun by wayting fur hur to go back to sleep and continuing to make more biskits!

So, do ya want some of my homemade biskits!?!?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over the Rivur and Throo the woods

It was a wild rode trip to visit gramma and grampa fur a cupple of days. We didn't get to drive, but we did get to be in charge of the flashy thing,. Here's what we saw...

Yoo can tell it’s fall cause the fall colur of oranje was evaryware!

Here’s whare the bares eat peepul and tendur yoong jyoosy cats like us. It’s called soldjeer feeld.

And this is whare the bares stay when they are not eating peepul and tendur yoong jyoosy cats.

Don’t wurry, we made sure to keep owt of site so thay didn’t get us. It was skarry.

When we knew it was safe to reappear rosie got up hi to take pickturs.

She saw the biggest, cat playgrownd EVER!

I reely wanted to stop at this exit cause we passed the yoo-kay whare myRootbeer float hubby Eric lives.

Cheeto wanted to get hi when he saw this kul gang.

Thay wure vary loud.

We wanted to stop at Paw Paw to get owr paws mannekurred, but owr lady said no.

Finallie we made it home to see gramma and grampa. We wure so eggsited that we furgot to take pickturs, so yoo just have to take owr wurd fur it when we say we wure vary eggsited!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gotta Rest Up...

Fur owr weekend RODE TRIP!


Sekret note between yoo and us-
We don't like rode trips and plan on whining the entire time. Don't tell owr lady or else she will leeve us behind.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Shoo's Come In Sizes?

Can yoo beleave it-we are one of the BIG winnurs of Skeezix's Snuzzy contest! We each get a Skeezix shoo of our vary own!! Oh My Cat!!

We wure watying fur them to arrive when our lady told us we need to tell Skeezix owr shoo size. Hmmm...We don't know how to meashure our feets.

Aftur some vary hard thinking I deturmined that my shoo size is 4 temptatshuns.

And I have desided I want to sit in my shoo while relaxing in my hammick so I lined up my treets and figured owt my shoo size is 27 1/2 temptayshuns.

We cant wayt to get owr 4 and 27 1/2 temptatshuns Skeezix shoo's. Thanks fur the awesume contest and the wondurful prizes yoo got fur all of the winnurs!!!