Sunday, June 24, 2007

We've Got Owr Answers!

We got tagged by owr gud buddies Jake and B'Sheba! Here we go...
Favorite season?
Cheeto-Racing seasun, owr lady watches moovabul mashenes with us

Favorite room?

Rosie – Hallway cause that’s whare my lady arrives frum

Do you like dogs?

Cheeto- Yes, I like to watch them frum owr cat tee-vee

Are you in love?

Rosie–Yes, with my Yoo-Kay Krispy Kreme, Eric

Do you have any dark secrets?
Rosie–Sumtimes I make invisible stinkies. Shhhh.

Why do you blog?

Rosie-We luv to see what owr gud buddies are up too.
Are you into extremes?

Cheeto- An extreme attakur and extreme cuddlur

Favorite TV show?
Cheeto-Woofie park visit frum owr cat tee-vee
What makes you happy?
Rosie- Cheeto and Eric
Cheeto- Me, me, and usuallie my lady

Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuesday in Trayning - Rosie's Inturnship

My irresistuble caramel crumbcake hubby, Eric, asked whare I have been recently. Yoo see, Cheeto has been hogging the blog cause I'm in trayning to be a Mao & Rocky Vishus Deer Repelunt inturn. Here I am with my inturn groop getting trayned by Mao.

It's hard werk and I don't get paid, but I enjoy hanging owt with the fellow inturns eggsept when they smell funny...lately, that seems to be the norm and with my fantastic sense of smell I'm wurried I won't survive M&R's intern bootcamp. Wish me gud luck!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cheeto's Lessun - Aksessories NOT to Ware

~~ Aksessorie #1 ~~
Earmuffs are silly things and WAY to big fur my ears. The beans don't evun show off thare earmuffs, instead thay ware this silly aksessorie undur thare shurt.

~~ Aksessorie #2
This luks mean, but my bestest collej buddie (also my lady's boyfrend before Mr. Jahb) did silly things like put this face warmer on me. While it luks and sownds mean, I LUVED hanging owt with him and would purr BIGtime evarytime he showed up at my apartmunt.

~~ Aksessorie #3 ~~

Thare's nothing wrong with being a burrito, but as a MANCAT this purple aksessorie does nothing fur my image. Please note- I make up for it with the manlie leppurd print to the rite

Monday, June 11, 2007

Five Steps To Sneaking Buttery Fluffy Gudness

1. Identify the buttury fluffy gudness. It has a yummy smell and usuallie is made in a masheen that makes lots of poppy noises. This masheen is nothing like the mooveabul masheen on the cat tee-vee

2. Luk arownd. If yoo have a sistur like me be sure to not draw attenchun to yerself or thay will want to sneak sum too. IT"S VITAL yoo don't get discovured eating out of the peepul's fud bowl or yoo get shooed away and yer sneakiness is ovur

3. Lick the buttery fluffy gudness. Thare are severul kinds. The eggstra buttury fluffy gudness is the best but any flavur will do. Half the fun is being a sneaky cat and not getting discovured

4. Find the butturiest pieces and eat caushuslie.Don't furget to make a mess so yoo can blame it on yer sistur by running as far away frum the evudence and playing like yoove been sleeping ALL DAY

5. When yer done, get rid of the evudence in yer teeth or else yoo can't blame it on yer sistur

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Lady is Going Away Again

Yoo mite think that's bad, but were thinking positive.
When she's gone were gunna
Eat what we wanna eat

Dress how we wanna dress

& play whare we wanna play

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Flashback Friday - owr collej days

This was owr bed in Myami.
Cheeto: It was obviouslie to big fur me when we I little, but its purrfect for a BIGman cat.
Rosie: When I was a cupple months old, I quicklie got used to powsing fur pickturs.

Rosie: During my collej days I knew the importunce of lurning so I jumped on the computer oftun. Notice how I was a purrfect fit.

Cheeto: My preRosie era. I was the BIGman cat on campus living with 4 girl peepul. I particupated in wild peepul parties evary weekend and loved being the centur of attenchun.